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Season 1

Episode 52

(The Riot In The Grand Desolation Mountain)

It turned out that some rare, high-grade and precious materials in the world often contained large amounts of vital energy.
If those with a lower cultivation base took them carelessly, they could be heavily damaged since they couldn't take in such large amounts of vital energy.

The energy that couldn't be absorbed might explode in their bodies and kill them.

Now, Austin was only at the fifth level of Energy Gathering Realm.

It was hard for him to absorb so much vital energy that was equivalent to two Energy-boosting Elixirs.

Fortunately, the torrent of vital energy ran slowly but steadily in him, and no longer flowed away in all sides when he practiced with the Purple Yang Formula accordingly.

With the guidance of the Purple Yang Formula, the vital energy was slowly absorbed, and Austin closed his eyes. Four hours later, Austin woke up, his eyes bright.

He felt the strength in his body and he knew that he had reached the sixth level of Energy Gathering Realm.

The earth spirit fruit was quite effective, as he only needed one to reach the sixth level of Energy Gathering Realm.

He was even a little surprised at the speed of his improvement during that time.

Back then, he was only at the second level of Energy Gathering Realm--then the third, fourth, fifth, and now he was at the sixth level.

It took him only less than a month to break through four levels in a row.

If people had heard of Austin's cultivation speed, no one would ever believe it.

The people who could reach this speed of improvement were more than geniuses, as it was considered an incredible miracle.

It was already rare for some of these world geniuses to break through two or three levels in a year.

This case of breaking through four levels in a month was completely unheard-of in the Prime Martial World.

However, Austin had previously reached the ninth level of Energy Gathering Realm.

It wasn't a breakthrough, but rather the recovery of his strength. That was why Austin could make it happen.

He had stayed in the cave for almost two days, and wondered if Marvin was still looking for him.

However, he didn't intend to stay in the cave any longer. He decided to go out to try his luck again and continue his adventure.

Meanwhile, the Beast Mountain was so huge and vast that Marvin must've lost his trace and couldn't find Austin anymore.

Moreover, his strength had developed a lot now that he was at the sixth level of Energy Gathering Realm. He had more chances of defeating Marvin if they ever faced each other again.

After a while, Austin got up and went out of the cave without hesitation.


A horrible fire suddenly broke out in the depths of the mountains.

Its orange flames blazed uncontrollably and continued to burn.

The mountains seemingly were about to fall apart at any time!

The ground shook violently as the fire continued to spread everywhere.

Birds flew away in fright, and the beasts went amok in panic. All of the animals in the Beast Mountain ran frantically for their lives.

The outer disciples who were still exploring the mountain also noticed what happened.

At that moment, all their eyes were focused on the blazing red glow at the junction of heaven and earth in the distance.

The fiery flames were so bright that it was as if it could even bring the sky down with its power.

After a while, they heard the faint sound of an earth-shattering fight.

It was clear that there was a fierce battle under the sky where the fire had burst. It shook the earth quite hard and seemed to destroy everything.


Suddenly, a giant green flood dragon emerged from the red flames. It soared thousands of meters high in the sky.

All the creatures in the area, including those who were more than a hundred miles away also witnessed the appearance of the legendary flood dragon.

'Oh my god!' all of them exclaimed in shock.

They never expected that a flood dragon existed in the real world!

Although the green flood dragon was too high up in the clouds, it still exuded an awe-inducing vibe which frightened all the creatures in the sky and the ground.

The mountains and valleys quaked, which made all the trembling birds and beasts fall to the ground. They got down on their knees and bowed to the flood dragon.

Meanwhile, Austin also stared at the flood dragon across the sky. He was so shocked that he couldn't put it into words.

The flood dragon only flew in the air for a while then it fiercely descended on the ground. It waved its four giant claws before it disappeared below the horizon in a blink of an eye.

What on earth were the most powerful creatures fighting fiercely down there?

All of the people wondered what could be happening below the horizon.

Austin couldn't deny that he was also frightened by the scene.

A few seconds later, he remembered where the red flames came from when the dragon had ascended to the sky.

It was in the innermost part of the Grand Desolation Mountain.

The Grand Desolation Mountain was one of the restricted areas for mankind in the Prime Martial World, for it was too vast and boundless.

No one really knew how big it was, but it was known for being extremely dangerous due to the many beasts and demons that lived there.

It was so unsafe that even the most powerful man of the human race dared not go deep into it.

It was because the deeper one got into the mountain, the higher the levels of demons and beasts they would encounter.

It was also said that diabolic beasts of the sixth or even seventh level lived there.

There were even remnant species from the ancient times that lived in the innermost heart of the mountain. They were so powerful that they possessed strengths beyond people's imagination.

Now, the great battle that was currently going on was in the innermost part of the Great Desolation Mountain.

The Beast Mountain, which was the junction of the Great Desolation Mountain and the human habitation, was a triangular terrain that protruded from the edge of the Great Desolation Mountain.

"It seems that the legends are real. The demons and beasts in the depths of the Great Desolation Mountain are really horrible," Austin muttered.

These great beasts were so powerful that he couldn't help but be scared and also in awe of them.

He suddenly felt how small he was when he witnessed a battle that shook heaven and earth for the first time.

A man like him was really small and insignificant in such a huge battle!

For the first time, Austin felt the desire to become stronger. His aspiration for power had never been this intense.

However, he realized that he still had a long way to go in the pursuit of martial arts and he was still far away from achieving his goals. His eyes looked at the fierce battle in the distant horizon.

Austin's face flushed, and he clenched his fists as he felt both dread and excitement run through him.



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