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(The fifth grade martial arts skill (2)

It was a pile of vital energy crystals!     

At a glance, there were more than at least a thousand vital energy crystals on the table, giving off strong vital energy. 

    The hovel seemed to vibrate due to their very presence.     

Vital energy crystal was a much-used resource to the warriors of the Prime Warrior World.     

A vital energy crystal contained vital energy which was of great help to a warrior's cultivation.    

 At the same time, they also served as a sort of currency between warriors. For them, their everyday dealing was done in these crystals instead of coins.   

The ordinary world dealt in silver coins, which were much less valuable than these crystals, in which only warriors dealt.     

A vital energy crystal was worth a hundred silver coins.     

The monthly salary of the grunt disciples of the Sun sect was three crystals. This amounted to thirty six crystals a year or about three and a half thousand coins, give or take.     

When Austin had been an outer disciple, his salary was 10 crystals per month.     Being the most potential one of the disciples at that time, the Sect had specially rewarded him with 7 extra crystals every month.    

 That way, his salary had amounted to more than a hundred crystals in a year, making him far richer than a grunt disciple. But this fortune!     

There were more than a thousand crystals in front of him right now. 

Obviously, Austin felt his heart beating faster and faster.   

'Be calm! Be calm!'    

Austin told himself again and again in his mind, with his fists clenched tightly. 

    But the next moment he ignored everything, pushed his way towards the piles of crystals and held them in his arms. He laughed like a fool as he had been so poor for so many years!     

There was a popular saying in his last life on earth: Money is not everything, but without it you can do nothing.    

 Moreover, sometimes Austin had felt that money was everything.    

 He counted sketchily that there were about fifteen hundred vital energy crystals in total here.     

After a long while, Austin recovered from the great joy of owning such a big fortune.     

He put the vital energy crystals back carefully into the space ring.   

Then he turned his attention to the other things. Besides the crystals, there were a few things for Rafat's daily necessities inside such as some clothes, shoes and amenities like that. There were also some necessities for the field survival, such as flint, tools, scopes and a medicine box for urgency.     

Austin also found a folded bed, bed sheet and a tent inside.     

There was even a complete set of cooking equipment, together with cooking oil, salt, jam and other relishes. It seemed to include everything one could need in his daily life.    

 Plus, there was some food inside that could easily last a person for several months.     

From the storage, Austin could tell that Rafat had always been wandering around and living outdoors, never settling anywhere.    

 It was reasonable for him to do so as he needed to absorb the pure feminine energy of girl cultivators. He must have been looking for them with his wandering, meandering lifestyle.   

There were also over five hundred silver coins. They were probably to be used when Rafat bought something in the ordinary people's world.     

Austin firstly threw out all of Rafat's personal belongings into a corner, including his clothes, shoes and socks. 

Then he put the other things into the space ring: the cooking equipment, tools used in the wild and the five hundred silver coins.     

These things were very useful if he were to ever go outside, especially in the wild without any residence nearby.     

After Austin had organized all these things, there was still something else left on the table. There were two old yellow pamphlets, a black dagger in a strange shape and two emerald green jade bottles.     

Austin took one of the old pamphlets and looked at it carefully. It was made of a special material.   

Although it looked old with a long history, but Austin could see that it was solid enough to survive even if it was torn with great strength.     

There were a few bold-faced characters saying 'Wind-commanding Skill' in the cover. Austin opened the pamphlet to have a look. Soon he was ravished again with great joy, greater than before.    

 This pamphlet spoke of the Wind Commanding skill and taught the same.     
After a quick inspection, Austin gasped with astonishment. This was actually a fifth-grade skill which was considered extremely powerful.     

All the martial art skills were ranked in order from one to ten. The lowest was ranked grade one. Most of them were for beginners.    

 Similarly, there were other skills ranked in order of power and difficulty. The tenth grade skill was the highest and it seemed to exist only in legends.   

The skills most commonly practiced were grade two, three and four. Only people from very huge sects practiced grade five or grade six skills.     

And even in those large-scale sects, only the most principal disciples ever got qualified enough to learn these superior skills.    

Anything above grade seven was heard of only in the stories.     

Even the head of the Sun Sect was most probably not qualified enough to practice them. He might not even have had the chance to approach a grade 7 skill.  

  Like Austin in his previous life, the best chance he might have ever gotten was to practice grade 1 or 2 skills mostly, even though he had been the most potential outer disciple at that time.     

The most powerful martial art skill Austin had ever practiced previously in his last life was Tiger Roaring Fist, which was ranked at the third-grade. He had never learned anything beyond that level.   

The superior skills of grade three or four were for the inner disciples and the principal ones.    

 To his surprise, the Wind-commanding Skill was actually a grade-five one!    

 'Be calm! Be calm!'    

Austin told himself again and again. His heart was starting beating fast once more and his blood seemed to be rushing more ferociously by the second.     
The most important thing he had obtained last night was now the Wind-commanding Skill.    

 The one thousand vital energy crystals he had put inside the space ring seemed to be nothing compared to this skill.

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