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 Season 1

Episode 30

(Fury boiling in Austin veins (4)

The spectators stood baffled, watching as his right arm bent out of shape at a strange angle. The fold of skin at which it was skewed was cut open, exposing a couple of broken white bones, the image gory and revolting.    


The crowd sucked in their breaths at the sight.     

One move! A single move by Austin had defeated Jesse, even breaking his arm in the process.    

 Austin's strange bodily movements and ruthless technique had the spectators astonished.     

Matias narrowed his grim eyes at Austin, fury running through his veins.     

"Evan, how many punches did he throw at you?"  

Austin asked him in a spine-chilling voice that could freeze water. Jesse felt a shiver crawl across his body.     

"Tin, he punched me more than ten times," Evan replied, his voice lilting with encouragement. Seeing what Austin just did, he grew more confident.   

  'Liar!' Jesse yelled out in his heart, aggrieved because as far as he remembered, he had punched Evan only four or five times. It couldn't have been as many as ten punches! He knew it would be useless to correct the number though, as Austin would never believe anything Jesse said.     

"All right! Then I'll punch him the same number of times," Austin said abruptly.  

   He stomped and pulled his hand into a tight fist, ready to punch him. He was as fast and deadly as a cheetah chasing its prey.   

Austin had just broken Jesse's right arm. He was already howling in pain and had no interest in continuing the fight.    

 As soon as he saw Austin's punch coming at him, he tried to flee wildly and desperately like a frightened mouse.  

   'You want to escape?     

Where is your momentum? The arrogance you showed just now?' Austin smirked to himself.   

  Sneering at Jesse coldly, he used his Fish Swimming Pace, fused with the speed of the wind as he moved toward Jesse.     

Within a moment, he was behind Jesse. He threw a hard punch at his back without hesitation.    

 Jesse felt as if he had been struck by lightning, the skin at his back bruising terribly. Bile flooded his throat, forcing his mouth to burst open indecorously. The crowd of disciples saw blood come out of his mouth as he was tossed away like he was an empty sack.   

"The first punch," Austin snapped.     Pow!    

 Before Jesse could fall on the ground, Austin rushed to his side and threw a second furious punch at him.    

 Jesse's body altered its flying trajectory, now flying in the other direction.    

 The second!  

   Austin came at him for the third time.     The fourth punch!    

 ... Austin punched him while he muttered the count. Anyone witnessed the scene before him couldn't believe his strength. Austin did not stop until he had thrown all ten punches.     

"Sss, sss, sss..."   

 The disciples, who watched Austin beat Jesse incessantly, were petrified at the fierceness displayed.   

"The tenth punch!" they heard him bellow finally.     

The dull sound of a fist hitting Jesse's body followed, and they saw him being tossed away like a broken kite dismissively. Jesse was hurtled to the ground, raising a cloud of dust as he made the contact.     

As the dust dispersed, Austin's thin figure revealed itself. A corner of his mouth lifted in a curl, the expression feral.     

For a while, there was pin-drop silence of the field, save for Jesse's soft whines of pain. Austin breathed in deeply as numerous pairs of eyes fixed on him. 

The people saw him in a new light; he seemed to them a monster.    

 Jesse stilled on the ground, now making no more sounds. It was hard to tell if he was still alive.   

"Evan, who else here has bullied you?" Austin asked.     

As he spoke, his eyes slowly swept over Matias and his followers, and instantly, the dozen or so young men felt like they were being targeted by a ferocious beast.     

Only Matias took a step forward, looking defiantly into Austin's eyes.     

He could not deny that Austin's display of behavior was shocking.     

At the same time, however, he knew that Austin's current vital energy level was only at the fourth level of Energy Gathering Realm.     

The discovery surprised Matias a little bit, as he himself was at the fourth level of Energy Gathering Realm too.    

 But he still didn't regard Austin as his equal. Matias had previously succeeded in fighting an outer disciple whose cultivation base was higher than his, after all.   

Evan watched Jesse, who lay on the ground. Jesse was so badly beaten up that he couldn't even stand up. Evan felt relieved. Somehow, the earlier pain in his body seemed to dim, until he couldn't feel it at all.     

"Tin, each of them has bullied us before."    

Facing Matias and the other disciples, Evan was no longer as scared as he used to be. He stood with his chest puffed out, pointing at the group as the words rang out boldly.    

 "Good, very good! Then, none of them will be able to escape me. I'll take my revenge on them one by one."    

As Austin's cold gaze scanned the group of young disciples, his outstretched hand pointed at a young man who stood at the side. He shouted, "You. Let's start with you!"    

The young man was instantly startled. "You fool," he shouted. "How dare you?" 

 Although his voice was raised, it was shaky. He was already retreating slowly, trying to slip away.     

Austin rushed at him quickly. Employing Spiritual Sense Flying Needle powered by the strength of his mind, he attacked the young man on the run.     

Trying to make his escape, the young man felt a sharp pain in his head all of a sudden. Staggering in his footsteps, he almost tumbled down.    

 At the same time, Austin was standing before him, throwing punches at him one after another. As the young man screamed terribly, he thrashed about like a kite.     

Austin had so far assaulted two of the disciples. Watching his violet punches, Matias's other followers murmured, now lost in panic. They felt like they were weak lambs facing a hungry wolf. One by one, as if they were on a conveyor belt, Austin brutally abused and ravaged them.   

After a while, a cacophony of voices rang out on the field. Some screamed and howled, while other begged for forgiveness and cried out for help.    

 When the disciples off the field saw the situation, their mouths slacked to hang so far wide open that they could easily swallow a few duck eggs in one go.    

 In recent years, Matias and his followers had been doing all kinds of abominable things, including bullying both male and female grunt disciples weaker than them. More than half of the sect's grunt disciples had been victims to their savage treatment.     

So, watching them get beaten up by Austin, the other disciples secretly applauded him, feeling ecstatic.     

In their minds, Austin had risen to the status of a hero for punishing these villains.     

They clapped and whistled as they watched the scene, having been bullied by Matias's group on previous occasions.   

But they soon stopped, afraid of Matias's retaliation. It was very possible that he and his group would trouble them afterward.     

At the same time, a few timid disciples were scared of Austin's apparent, newfound power. They shuffled their feet, staring at him in horror. From time to time, they would pull at the arms of their companions, asking them to leave at once.     

Afraid of the fool's excited state, they worried that he would now train his animalistic urges onto the innocent crowd of disciples standing on the side.     
A while later, each of Matias's followers who had bullied Evan and Austin, except for Matias himself, had been beaten up.     

Continuous cries of agony could be heard across the field.   

  Evan was rooted to his spot, cheering for Austin. As he looked at the lot of disciples grunting in pain on the ground, he clapped his hands and hooted.   

Denali's beautiful eyes twinkled brightly. Stunned at this show of strength, she wondered deep in her heart, 'So, this is the demeanor of the number one outer disciple back that year?'    

As for Matias, Austin had saved him for the last on purpose. He intended to settle scores with him.    

 Matias didn't attack Austin but just observed him coldly. He was keen on identifying Austin's true strength so he could figure out a way to defeat him.  

  The life and death of his entourage were of no concern to him. He was an unsympathetic man by nature. Coldness radiated from him in waves.     

Finally, Matias spoke out, "There is no denying that you are indeed a strong opponent. Very hard to deal with, apparently. Moreover, I'm surprised your cultivation base has reached the fourth level of the Energy Gathering Realm so quickly."  

His words were firm and unafraid. After a pause, he continued, "However, if you think you can beat me, you'll find yourself to be wrong. Among all grunt disciples, I occupy the number one spot. I can crush you within moments, make no mistake." 

   Matias's words were sharp as he looked straight at Austin. The look in his eyes was intense. He moved stealthily, intending to strike Austin.

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