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 Season 1

Episode 18

(To kneel down before you)

The room dazzled with the sunlight that shone through the cracks in the hut.    

 The jade pendant in his hand glowed with mellowed color. It was crystal clear when he took a closer look.    

 No one could imagine that inside such an ordinary jade pendant was a separate space.    

 What's more, it concealed martial arts skills!     

After carefully wearing it, Austin began with a set of Great Ancestor Long-range Punches as warm-up exercises.     

His soul had just returned to his body from the separate space in the jade pendant. He was afraid that his body would become sluggish if he didn't move.   

  After finishing the warm-up exercises,

Austin returned to the hut and sat cross-legged on his wooden bed.     

As soon as he concentrated his mind, the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle in the Soul Sea was released from his body quickly.     

Austin was happy to find that the martial arts skills acquired from the mysterious space in the jade pendant could also be used in the real world.   

  After summoning the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle, Austin moved it around his body several times before returning it to his Soul Sea.     

He learned that he had finished the first level practice of the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle.   

  Now, all Austin needed was an enemy to practice it on.    

 "Tin, are you hungry? I have brought you some food."   

 Austin was jarred from his thoughts when he heard Evan's loud voice. In the next instant, Evan pushed open the door and entered the hut. With a quick glance at Austin, Evan put the big buns on the table.   

Though Austin felt energetic, his stomach rumbled at the sight of the food. He grabbed a bun and stuffed it into his mouth.     

"Tin, you're not a fool now. You cannot walk around looking so unkempt. You used to look as pretty and charming as a gigolo, but now you're as dirty as a beggar."  

  Evan reminded Austin.   

  "What do you mean by gigolo? Did you mean handsome and masculine?"    Austin then silently studied himself. He found that he was indeed very dirty—his hair was disheveled, and his clothes and face were stained with dirt.     

"Well, we can go to the Clearing Lake behind the mountain later. We can bathe in the cool water at the lake. It will not only wash away all the dirt but also the bad luck I've collected over the past three years."  

"Okay! We haven't visited the lake in a long while."   

 Like Austin, Evan was also a grunt disciple at the Sun Sect.    

 The disciples at Sun Sect were divided into four categories. From the lowest to the highest, these categories were grunt disciples, outer disciples, inner disciples, and core disciples.    

 The grunt disciples had the lowest status and were responsible for all the chores within the sect.     

There were two kinds of grunt disciples. The people who wanted to join Sun Sect but failed in the selection assessment as they didn't meet the standards of an outer disciple were allowed to become grunt disciples. The vast majority of grunt disciples belonged to this category.   

The selection assessment would be held once every four years, and grunt disciples would be promoted to outer disciple status if they met the selection criteria of the sect.     

Outer disciples whose potential was limited and who did not improve in their cultivation after ten years' efforts were also demoted to the status of grunt disciples.     

They could apply to be supervisors of other grunt disciples. Few disciples fit this category.     

Few disciples fit this category.     

While managing tens or even hundreds of grunt disciples, these disciples could earn extra wealth, albeit dishonestly, from the daily arrangement and procurement of grain, oil, firewood, rice, meat, vegetables, tea, and other materials.     

Since such disciples had a low cultivation base and potential, it would be difficult for them to live in the competitive world outside the sect.   

The best choice for them was to stay at Sun Sect and live in peace as a supervisor.    

 All grunt disciples were required to finish their assigned chores every day before beginning their practice.     

The Clearing Lake, where Austin and Evan were headed, was located at the foot of the hill behind Sun Mountain.    

 The lake was green and clear, and the water was calm. It glimmered in the sunlight like green jade embedded in the col.     

Since the lake water was very cool, Austin often felt relaxed after soaking in it.     

This was why Austin used to enjoy bathing at the lake.   

After gobbling down the food brought by Evan, Austin took Evan's hand and left the hut.     

"Oh my! Isn't that the idiot? He's not dead yet? Gee!"    

Austin turned in the direction the voice had come from and saw a short fat boy.     
He and Evan had hardly stepped out of the hut when they ran into three grunt disciples.    

 "Yes, what a lucky dog. Though Matias beat him up badly, he is still alive."    

"Haw-haw. Since this loser is not dead, Sun Sect has to waste rice feeding him. I do not understand what the high-level stewards think. Why raise such an idiot?


  "It's none of your business since you don't have to pay for the rice. But still, this idiot is done because he offended Matias. Matias has left for procurement. When he returns and learns that the fool is not dead, Matias will not let him go."  

"Yeah. It's going to be fun watching Matias beat this fool again."  

  When he heard their taunts, Austin stopped walking and stared coldly at the three grunt disciples.    

 His cold and disagreeable expression stunned the three grunt disciples for a second. They could vaguely feel that this Austin was a little different from the person they knew before.     

"Idiot! What are you staring at? Do you want to die?"    

One of the disciples dressed in white shouted at Austin. His name was Bates Li, and he was from a wealthy family that lived in a small town near the Sun Mountain.    

 Two years ago, Bates Li had come to Sun Sect to learn martial arts. Since he failed the selection assessment for outer disciples, he chose to be a grunt disciple and work on his skills until the next selection exam.   

Due to the resources sent by Bates Li's family, he was able to break through to the third level in the Energy Gathering Realm soon after becoming a grunt disciple.     

Besides, he had practiced several powerful family-owned martial arts skills, and he was confident that he would pass in the next selection assessment, which would be held in four years.     

As he was rich and capable, Bates Li was very popular with the other grunt disciples. As such, many grunt disciples followed him.    

 "Bat, shall we play with this idiot for a while?"    

The short fat disciple who had made the first sarcastic comment looked at Austin unkindly and suggested to Bates.   

Over the years that Austin had remained a fool, he had been a plaything for these grunt disciples.    

 They would bully Austin at random. Since he was an idiot, they thought that they could bully him without consequence.   

  "Tin, leave them alone. Let's go."  

  Evan implored as he pulled Austin's sleeve.   

  Bates was at the third level in the Energy Gathering Realm, and the other two disciples were at the second level.     But Evan was only at the first level.    

 What's more, over the past three years, Austin could be bullied by any level one disciple. If they started to fight, Austin would certainly suffer losses.     

Evan saw that the situation was unfavorable for them. He wanted to leave with Austin right away.   

Bates exchanged glances with the other two disciples. He was cunning enough to notice that they were in an advantageous position. With sinister smiles, the three disciples surrounded Austin and Evan.     

Austin and Evan were flanked on all sides. It seemed that the three disciples would not put the issue to rest.     

At one point, Austin used to rank first among the outer disciples. As such, they would follow him and obey him. As for the grunt disciples, they wouldn't even dare to look at him.     

Austin sighed at how much things had changed.     

But now, they were stopped by these three grunt disciples just because Austin had given several glances at them.     

It appeared that in this world, strength was everything.     

Thousands of people would worship those with power and strength. Those with no strength would be treated as worthless trash.   

Thinking of this, fierceness reflected in Austin's eyes. He was determined to show the disciples how strong he was. 

    He knew that it would be useless to continue arguing with them. Until they suffered a good dose of pain, they would not stop harassing him.    

 "Bates, has Tin ever offended you?"    

Seeing what the other disciples had planned, Evan hurriedly stood in front of Austin.   

  "Bah! Evan, why are you so friendly with an idiot? Are you fucking stupid, too?"    Another taller disciple shouted.     

"Quite right. Do you think this idiot is still ranked the first among the outer disciples? Stop dreaming. You should address Bates as boss from now on and follow him. If you do so, we will assure you benefits. Chances are remote for you to have a promising future if you follow the idiot."  

The short fat disciple said to Evan.    

 Bates listened triumphantly to the flattering words of the two disciples. 

These words were like a spring breeze and mellow wine—both of which were very pleasant to him.    

 He stared haughtily at Austin and Evan.     
Austin remained silent and glared at the three disciples with a dismissive attitude.     

They were nobody to Austin. To be honest, he would not have paid the slightest attention to them. He just watched the debate between the three disciples with a cold expression.  

   Finally, Austin's cold and dismissive attitude irritated Bates.    

 Bates was angry as Austin didn't show any signs of panic or fear.   

He did not stop to wonder why Austin was so sane and clearheaded today.   

  Flames of fury had been ignited, and Bates was so furious that he almost stomped about in a frenzy.   

"Idiot, come here! Kneel before me ans call me papa, thrice."

Bates expressed his anger.

Good idea! Bat."

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