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 Season 1

Episode 17

(The spiritual sense flying needle (2)

This martial skill had four tiers: on the first tier, one spiritual sense flying needle should be refined with spiritual sense.     On the second tier, 5 flying needles must be refined.    

 On the third tier, 10 flying needles should be refined.    

 On the fourth tier, 20 flying needles should be refined.    

 Austin carefully read the cultivation methods for the first tier from the jade slip repeatedly to keep all information in his mind.     

When he finally grasped the cultivation methods, he sat down with his knees crossed, regulated his breathing and concentrated his attention.   

Slowly, he came to his own Soul Sea. Afterward, he controlled his spiritual sense to divert a small proportion of his power of spiritual sense based on the instruction. He then got down to his slow refinement of flying needles.     

At the beginning of his refinement, Austin was already faced with great difficulties. He spent quite a long time trying to extract his spiritual sense. But through great efforts and perseverance, he finally completed the extraction.   

  Austin kept his power of spiritual sense under control after he extracted some spiritual sense at a small proportion.  

  According to the instructions, the spiritual sense should be converted into an iron hammer.     

Then, the extracted small proportion of spiritual sense should be refined by the hammer.    

 After almost a day of refining, a flying needle took shape at last.   

The prototype of Austin's spiritual sense flying needle eventually formed, but there was still some work to be done.   

  For the flying needle to finally take its shape, it was necessary for Austin to continue his refinement.    

 Deep down, Austin was clear that a watched pot never boiled.  

 He knew that he mustn't be impetuous during cultivation, or else his refinement would all be a waste.     

Hence, he calmed himself down and concentrated wholeheartedly on refining that spiritual sense flying needle.  

   And another day had passed.     

Alas, white and bright flying needle gradually took shape in Austin's Soul Sea. It slewed at a low speed.    

 After days of intensive refinement, Austin could finally relax.   

But he could not relax for too long. He had just completed the first step on the first tier of refining a spiritual sense flying needle.     

As he soothed his frayed nerves, Austin suddenly felt exhausted and powerless. His body had run out of energy.    

 He felt that his power of spiritual sense had completely been consumed.     

Thus, he concluded that in order to refine a spiritual sense flying needle, a large amount of spiritual sense power would be needed in the process.     

Hence, Austin practiced cultivation methods right away to recover his energy.   

  Fortunately, the vital energy inside the space of this jade pendant was approximately 10 times denser than the vital energy outside the space.     

This made Austin's recovery quite fast. Just after an hour, he had finally restored his energy at its peak state.   

In addition, he felt that his power of spiritual sense had become mightier and its reach had extended over a distance.     Knowing this much filled Austin with great joy.     

It seemed that in the process of refining the spiritual sense flying needle, his power of spiritual sense had been enhanced as well.     

At the thought of this, Austin became more eager to proceed with his refinement.     

The second step was to control the separation of the spiritual sense flying needle from the body. Austin began to control the white and bright flying needle with his power of spiritual sense to make it fly from his Soul Sea.    

 This step was more difficult than making a flying needle.   

The goal was to remotely control the spiritual sense flying needle using his brain to attack his opponent.    

 It was a little challenging for Austin to achieve this.    

 Controlled by the power of spiritual sense, the flying needle inside Austin's Soul Sea produced some humming noise as it started rotating.    

 Austin tried getting the flying needle to fly out of his Soul Sea by controlling it with his power of spiritual sense.    

 His first attempt failed. The second attempt was a failure as well. ... ... 

Austin failed repeatedly, but he did not stop trying.     

After countless failed attempts, alas, the spiritual sense flying needle finally started flying out of the Soul Sea.     Millimeter by millimeter, the spiritual flying needle moved. ... 

The flying needle was drilling out of the Soul Sea deeper as it moved.   

Centimeter by centimeter, the flying needle was making progress. ... As the flying needle moved further away, it slowly flew out of Austin's Soul Sea and began to swirl around his body.     

The spiritual sense flying needle was intangible and invisible after it left the Soul Sea.     

Austin could clearly perceive its flight trajectory.     

Whenever Austin ran out of his power of spiritual sense in the process, he stopped his refinement for the time being and harnessed his cultivation methods to absorb the abundant vital energy inside the jade pendant for recovery.     

At first, the spiritual sense flying needle was rotating outside Austin's body at an unsteady speed.    

 But after Austin practiced further, he was able to control the spiritual sense flying needle more skillfully.   

Gradually, he realized that he could dominate the flying needle at his will as if they were his finger.     

He also found out that he could only control the flying needed no farther than two hundred meters.    

 Farther than that, he would lose control of them.     

This meant that Austin could only use them to attack an opponent within two hundred meters.     

By that moment, Austin had finally completed his refinement on the first tier of the flying needle.    

 It approximately cost Austin five days to complete refinement.   

  But it was already fast because the record showed that it usually took 8 days to complete the refinement per tier.  

 But Austin had even only spent five days in completing the entire refinement process. Even he himself felt that was inconceivable.     

Nevertheless, Austin guessed that he was able to finish this process so quickly because his power of spiritual sense was mightier than any other warriors.   

  After his refinement on the first tier, a scenario suddenly crossed his mind.     In the past days, he had refined a spiritual sense flying needle within the space of his jade pendant by virtue of his own spiritual soul.     

But could he also refine the flying needles in the same way outside that space?     

As he was thinking of it, an idea abruptly came to his mind. He didn't waste another minute and quickly returned to his small hut.

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