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 Season 1

Episode 30

(Promotion contest for Grunt disciples (2)

All right then. Now, do what you all must!    

Steward Lu dismissed himself and disappeared instantly. After making the announcement, he had no further interest in mingling with the grunt disciples.     

After he left, some of the grunt disciples started discussing. Apparently, Steward Lu's comment on Austin made them feel jealous.     

Steward Lu had never talked to any of them like that since he took over the management of grunt disciples.     

But just then, just today, he spoke with Austin directly.    

 Every grunt disciple wanted to make a mark on Steward Lu's mind. And witnessing how the steward talked with Austin made them envious.   

They wonder what was so special about Austin that piqued the steward's interest.     

Among the jealous disciples was Matias. He was furious as he glared at Austin hatefully.    

 He had always considered himself above the other grunt disciples since he entered the sect. The other grunt disciples also looked up to him. 

Everywhere he went, he was always the center of attention.   

  But just now, Steward Lu didn't even mention his name or looked at him longer.    

 Instead, the steward paid more attention to Austin and even spoke to the latter.   

  It was something that Matias could not easily let go. He wanted to rush towards Austin and grind him beneath his heel. He wanted to tell the world that he was the one worthy of attention.    

 But eventually, he calmed himself down. He looked at Austin with his furious sharp eyes before he finally turned around and walked behind his wounded companions.   

Meanwhile, Austin didn't even look at Matias and his companions.   

  However, deep down, he understood that Matias had his own reasons to hate him.     

The feud between Matias and Austin began in an accident.    

 It started not so long ago when Austin accidentally sneaked into a small forest near the grunt disciples' settlement that he found two naked grunt disciples in the middle of rough sex.    

 One of them was Matias, and the other was an unknown girl.     

Embarrassed and angered at the same time, Matias quickly shooed Austin out of the forest. But at the time, Austin didn't understand what he had seen. 

Being childish as he was, he told people about what he saw, "I saw Matias wrestling a naked woman in the forest."  

In no time, the news spread among the grunt disciples and Matias became the laughingstock for a while.     

The embarrassment clouded Matias' mind with anger. He hunted Austin and beat him up good.     

And this was the beginning of their enmity towards each other.     

As the crowd began to disperse, Austin walked towards Evan and looked at the latter's wounded body with guilt and worry.     

"You're hurt, Evan. Let's go to the Medicine Hall first so I can get some elixir for you," Austin said.   


Evan was worried. He hurriedly replied, "No need! Any ordinary potions and ointments will do. Besides, I am not a lady with delicate skin. A few bruises won't kill me."  

Apart from the ordinary medicines, the Medicine Hall had some elixirs available for exchange. All of them were of high value that any grunt disciple could not afford. Evan didn't want Austin to spend a fortune on him.     

"Let's have you looked at in the Medical Hall. If these are just scratches, then there's nothing to worry about. 

Otherwise, the ordinary potions won't be able to heal it. If not treated properly, it may eventually become a threat in the future that may affect your progress in training. What do you think?" persuaded Austin.    

 Evan was still hesitant.     

But if what Austin was saying could be true, then not having this wound treated might indeed become a big problem.    

 Evan could not afford a hiccup in his progress. He was sent to the Sun Sect by his father hoping that he would learn martial arts well and succeed him in the future. The hope and future of his family were on his shoulders.   

"Just come with me, will you? Don't you worry about the cost," Austin insisted. He knew exactly what Evan was worried about. He took Evan by the arm and dragged him towards the Medicine Hall.     
The Medicine Hall of Sun Sect sat at a quiet small courtyard, a fine-styled three-storey tower.     

When members of the sect needed medicine, they would come here for exchange. And that was the same thing that Austin and Evan would do.     

Austin dragged Evan to a counter on the first floor.     

Behind the counter sat a disciple on duty.     

When they approached, the disciple looked at them and instantly noticed the uniform they were wearing. He frowned as he talked to them with dismay, "What are you two doing here? Medicine Hall isn't meant for grunt disciples."  

His expression was blank, but his tone was sure cold and indifferent.     

The Medicine Hall held a special status in the sect. Thus, its disciples were all proud of themselves and looked down upon the disciples from other departments, especially the grunt disciples, who were considered as nothing by the other disciples who held office in any halls.     

Austin was agitated by his attitude. His expression turned furious for a moment, but he then controlled his emotions. 

Being impulsive would not be a wise move especially when they came here to get something.     

Although he looked like a teenager, he had lived two lives. He had much experience than anyone in the sect. And in his previous life, he was an experienced Assistant Sales Director in modern society, so he had his share of unkind words.   

"We're here to purchase some elixir for healing wounds. What can you recommend?"    

"Elixir for healing wounds? You mean, you want to purchase some?"    

The Medicine Hall disciple glanced at Austin and mocked, "The elixir is not something people like you can afford. 

The cheapest remedy I have here is Golden Sore Powder that costs one vital energy crystal per pack. This kind of medicine is good for scalds, cuts, mosquito bites, dizziness, and headaches."    

The Medicine Hall disciple's words were full of contempt when he spoke, and he stared at Austin and Evan disdainfully.   

  He could see that Evan was badly injured, but he could not believe that the two grunt disciples could afford an elixir.    
 He knew too well about their financial conditions. The grunt disciples received their allowance of only 3 vital energy crystals per month. Even if they saved it for a year, it would only sum up to 36 vital energy crystals.   

On the other hand, the price of an elixir would be at hundreds of vital energy crystals. So, there was no way these grunt disciples in front of him could afford an elixir.

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