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 Season 1

Episode 47

(Hunting the evil ape (3)

The manic evil ape grew more irrational under the intensified attack led by the team of six hunters. The fierce pain was soon exhausting him.     

His pace—that had the power to shake the earth—became unsteady and slow. The strength the ape wielded gradually dwindled.     

Fresh flood bled like a continuous running stream from the wounds on his neck and his right abdomen.    

 As he fought, the dark red liquid spilled to the ground, making a mess. The blood seemed to cover the ground thickly, and the shining red dazzled the eyes of the ape's six opponents. For a moment, their vision seemed to be hazed in red.     

The six attacked the wounded ape once again—his former big, black body dripping of red blood now. His breathing withered down considerably.   

The blood on the ground converged like a flowing river, but the ape kept roaring as if his life depended on it, a blend of anger and pain in the sound. He grew weaker and weaker, until finally his mouth opened agape but no sound came out. The evil ape's red eyes widened, holding a trace of unwillingness in them. 

He fell to the ground with a heavy thud as the ground reverberated as if a mountain had collapsed.     

As he fell to the ground, he saw the female evil ape run in his direction. The ape tried to roar again, but he failed to make any sound. Slowly, his eyes closed.     

The female ape rushed over, only to find her partner fall to the ground and die. 

Suddenly, she let out a high-pitched whine, grief consuming her insides. Her red eyes snapped wide open as she looked at the six offenders before bolting toward them.    

 Her huge black body, about two or three meters high, dashed over to them madly like a steel chariot.   

She ignored the hunting team's slew of attacks, completely diving into a state of irrationality.     

Fighting the female evil ape, the small team found that her strength was considerably lower compared to her male counterpart.     

However, her desperate attacks were putting great pressure on them, leaving little time to react.     

Her bulky body surged forward, surprising them with her great power. No matter who the female ape faced, the opponent found it hard to dodge the attack under the heightened force of her movements and rage.     

Her irrational state of mind also had an impact on herself. It frequently exposed her body to her enemies without any sort of defense. Constantly, she was getting injured. In no time at all, she was bleeding all over.   

But the female evil ape seemed not to notice the injuries. She made no move to defend herself, instead, she attacked the six of them even more desperately. She seemed to want to tear them into pieces, no matter what the cost she would pay. 

    Among the team members, William's skills were at the lowest. The martial arts he had cultivated focused on mere power, as a result of which he was relatively weak when it came to bodily movement.     

When he faced the attacks of the female evil ape head-on, he could hardly dodge them. He had no line of defense, but he could attack with all force. However, his strength was lower than the evil ape's.  

   When his purple gold hammer hit her chest, he too was swept away by her palm. His face hit the side of the cliff unnervingly and he spat out several globs of blood from his mouth.   

George's situation was a little better than William's, but he too was badly injured. 

    His level of vital energy was similar to that of William's, and a little higher than Austin's. However, when it came to bodily movement skills, he and William were the worst in the pack.   

  During the siege, the female evil ape had snatched his knife. She clasped his right arm that held the knife with her palm, snapping it into two.    

 Looking down, he saw the whites of his bone exposed at the elbow. What was worse, he felt, was that the ape had split his knife into two as well.     

Compared to George and William's conditions, Austin was doing much better. Even though his level of vital energy was the lowest among the lot, the Wind-commanding Skill he displayed was tremendous, and he managed to evade the fierce attacks of the evil ape smoothly.   

The more violent her storm-like attacks were, the easier it was for Austin to dodge them. His wind-commanding skill was fundamentally employed by the feel of the wind.     

Ralf had his iron chain, a long-range attacking weapon, safely secured and far out of the reach of the mad evil ape.    

 His level of vital energy and cultivation base were only lower than Marvin's, and he had not come across a dicey situation so far.     

Marvin was at the highest level of vital energy and cultivation base, and his bodily movement skill could be ranked next to Austin's. Taking these factors in mind, his overall strength was the highest in the team.     

He looked quite relaxed in the fight against the female evil ape. Marvin was also eager to attack the ape whenever he got the chance, for he was anxious to end the battle soon. After all, he had to get to the earth spirit fruits as early as possible.   

Once he had obtained the earth spirit fruits, he would retreat into solitude to cultivate till his vital energy finally reached the level of the Earth Realm.   

  Mindy had a higher level of vital energy than both William and George. Her bodily movement skills were also comparatively agile, and she was as swift as a leopard. She could also jump up to great heights, owing to the good bounce her slender feet provided.     

She jumped right and left as the evil ape attacked her. Her hair flew loose, and her dress was almost in tatters. However, she managed to dodge the ape's attacks even while in danger.     

The fight lasted for some time. Ralf noticed that the female evil ape got injured frequently and her endless wounds never stopped bleeding. She was still desperate and tireless enough to continue the fierce attacks on them, but her pace had started to falter. She did not look as steady on her feet and as powerful as she had been when she first faced them. It was clear that the ape's energies were on the brink of exhaustion.   

Ralf did not overlook this change. He decided to use his earlier method to trap the evil ape. He secretly sneaked to her back and flung his chain at her. The chain looped itself around the ape's neck in a fierce motion, as if it was a living creature in its own right.     

The female evil ape turned back, pulling at the chain with her two huge palms. Ralf felt the force pull his body involuntarily in her direction. Try as he might, he could not resist this force and flew to the evil ape unwittingly.   

  Slightly startled, Ralf's right hand flashed coldly. In his palm materialized a sharp dagger, which he then thrust into the evil ape's bell-like right eye.   

  His original intention in doing so had been to merely save himself. However, to his surprise, the female evil ape did not sidestep his attack. Instead, she stood still and let the dagger stick into her eye. She was caught unawares.   

Soon, blood spattered from her scarlet eye, flowing down toward the ground, leaving behind a long trace of red on her black face.     

The dagger was still thrust into her eye, and Ralf was happy to see the assault turn successful.     

However, he did not get the chance to escape the injured ape when the very next second, a pair of arms covered in rough, black hair gripped him tightly. The stinking breath of the female evil ape blew on his face.     

"Crack, crack, crack!" Ralf felt the sharp, agonizing pain before he heard the decisive sounds of his bones breaking. The female evil ape's tight grasp was squeezing him to death.     

He shouted in fear," Kill her! Kill her! Come and kill her!"   

 He struggled with all his might, but the pair of monstrous arms was like roots that had stuck themselves to his skin, refusing to budge even a little.   

And the pair of arms were keep clenching. Ralf increasingly found it hard to breathe, as if he was a leaky balloon suddenly running out of air. He could only exhale under the immense pressure of the arms on him and was unable to inhale any oxygen.     

Suddenly, he felt the female evil ape stop in her action, even as her grip did not slacken.     

Austin did not waste the precious chance as he swiftly thrust his sword into the female evil ape's left eye.    

 Marvin and Mindy too drove in with their weapons. One of them was running on the left side of the ape, and the other from the right. They both simultaneously stabbed their swords into the ape's ribs.    
 At once, the massive body of the ape turned slack like a punctured water bag as blood poured out from her body.   

As the team took out their swords from the wounds, the ape's blood spilled over in several streams like a bunch of flying arrows, mixing with the scarlet blood of the already-dead male evil ape. The entire ground around was covered in red blood.     

Even now, the female evil ape had not released her hold on Ralf. Ralf summoned all his strength to break away, but it was in vain. He could feel the ape squeeze the life out of him without pause.    

 Moments passed by and Ralf felt like he was nearly faint as the world started to dim in his vision. His surroundings seemed to grow silent but for the unmistakable sound of his scattering bones echoing in his ears. He had no idea how many of them were broken.   

  Fortunately, the evil ape became weaker and weaker as she lost blood incessantly. Her breath became light until it finally stopped.   

The evil ape knelt to the ground slowly before it fell face-down, finally taking her last breath.    

 Relieved, Ralf somehow forced himself to forget the pain in his body and rolled aside on the ground swiftly, away from the evil ape's bondage.     

The hunting team lapsed into a long silence. They looked at the bloodshed on the ground and the dead bodies of the two evil apes with unease swarming their thoughts. The terrible fight still lingered before their eyes vividly. Now that they had killed the evil apes, they could not utter a word.     

"We finally killed the two apes!"   

 A crisp and joyful but slightly hoarse voice broke the pin-drop silence. It was Mindy who first found her tongue.     

She helped William and George sit up. Ralf also struggled to stand up.    

 Three of the six hunters were seriously injured, but the Evil Ape Hunting Team had finally eliminated the two evil apes. 

Undoubtedly, Austin, Marvin, and Ralf had been center-stage in this violent face-off with the apes. The other three assisted them in making the kills finally.  

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