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(it's perseverance that's count)

Evan just kept on talking with a wide smile on his face.   

  "My cultivation base is not yet back to normal. I just fought back today because Bates was too aggressive and I had too much of their bullying shit," Austin stated calmly. "Before I regain my original strength and possibly break through to the Earth Realm of vital energy, we'd better keep a low profile and avoid making trouble in the Sun Sect."   

 He surmised that he had been envied and plotted against years ago because of his reputation for being number one in cultivation base among the outer disciples.    

 He realized that one should be modest and patiently bide his time until he was strong enough.     

Evan couldn't help but argue in his heart, 'Tin, you're not being humble! It was obvious that you were bullying Bates too much today!'  

But he was even more surprised when he just realized what Austin said about breaking through to the Earth Realm of vital energy.   

  "You want to ascend to the Earth Realm of vital energy!" cried Evan. "That's what the elders and stewards in the sect have achieved! But it took them twenty or thirty years of hard work before they reached the Earth Realm. It's not going to be easy for you!" Evan continued.     

As a grunt disciple in the first level of Energy Gathering Realm, Evan hadn't dreamed of achieving the Earth Realm of vital energy even for a single moment.  

   Austin rolled his eyes at Evan. "What can be so difficult in breaking through to the Earth Realm of vital energy?" he asked in disdain. "A few years ago I was already in the ninth level of Energy Gathering Realm and ready to break through to the Earth Realm of vital energy. If I had not been backstabbed, I could have been in the Earth Realm of vital energy already."  

Evan then remembered that Austin was known as the most gifted disciple among all the outer disciples of the Sun Sect three years ago. "Sorry, Tin. I almost forgot your glorious history. With your ranking first among the outer disciples, you were known as one of the few wizards of all time. It would be a piece of cake for you to break into the Earth Realm of vital energy," he complimented, scratching his head sheepishly.     

"Tin, when you get to the Earth Realm, I will be the proudest and I will hold my head high in the Sun Sect!"    

His flattery gave Austin the creeps. "Can you be more disgusting?" said Austin grumpily. "You're a grown man. You can't always rely on other's glory. You should start making up your mind and practice hard. Strive to break through to the Earth Realm as soon as possible. Then you will feel proud of yourself. That is your true glory."  

"But you know my potential. I'm just in the first level of Energy Gathering Realm. God knows when I will reach the Earth Realm."   

 Evan looked discouraged.     

"You can rest assured that when I become stronger in the future, I will definitely search for quantities of elixirs and treasures of heaven and earth. I'll do whatever it takes to help you improve your vital energy to the Earth Realm or even a higher level," Austin said kindly, trying to cheer up his frustrated friend. 

"But it's your perseverance that counts," Austin added in all earnestness. "I can't help you if you don't help yourself."    

Evan was moved to tears by Austin's inculcation. "Tin, you're so nice to me," he babbled. "I'm glad to have followed the right person!"    

With that, he jumped out of the water and lunged at Austin for a big hug.   

At the sight of a naked swarthy man rushing towards him, Austin got scared and cried, "Pervert!"    

He immediately dived into the water to avoid his friend. Evan missed him, sending spray across the lake. "Tin, where is the pervert?" asked Evan, looking around in surprise.   

At the foot of Sun Mountain, where grunt disciples lived, three men lay moaning on long cane chairs in an exquisite house with a small courtyard.     

They were the three men who tried to bully Austin. But this time, beside them stood three grunt disciples who were busy treating their wounds.    

 The grunt disciple who was patching Bates up accidentally pressed on the wound too hard and touched the bare white bone on his shoulder.     

Bates winced in pain, gasped, and scolded, "Damn, are you blind? Don't touch my wound!"  

The grunt disciple took Bates as his boss. Upon hearing Bates's curse, he freaked out and hastened to apologize. 

    Bates was driven by the fury in his heart. Whenever he thought of what happened, he felt the searing pain on his shoulder.     

"Damn you, idiot Austin! How dare you torture me like this! I'll make you pay for what you've done to me countless times," he shouted curse at Austin, who wasn't there, through gritted teeth. "I will break you into pieces until I please!"    

Then he stopped and tried to catch his breath. "Ben, what time is Matias coming back exactly?" he asked.     

"Bat, Matias has gone to Z City to do some purchase. He just left yesterday morning and would spend a whole day on buying. After each purchase, he will go to a brothel to indulge himself. I suppose he won't be back until the day after tomorrow at the earliest."  

Ben Wang was the disciple who was dressing Bates's wound.     

"Son of a bitch! He went to Z City to make out with a woman and left me here to be humiliated and beaten by that idiot," complained Bates bitterly.     

"Bat, don't be mad," Ben pacified. "When Matias comes back and learns that the fool is fine, he won't let him off the hook. Then you won't have to avenge yourself."    
"Bat, that fool looked much more normal today, and he seemed to have used bewitchment," said Lane, the tall disciple that Austin first slapped.     

He was lying on the cane chair next to Bates with his whole face swollen like a pig's head. Another grunt disciple was dabbing at his face with salve to help reduce the swelling.     

"Matias is in the level four of Energy Gathering Realm, and he has even tried to challenge a higher-level outer disciple. Moreover, his people are more powerful than any of us. The fool, strange as he may be, is outnumbered. We can get enough men to knock that fool out."  

Bates, though in a blustery tone, was still a little shaken up at the thought of what happened today. He still wondered if that Austin had mastered bewitchment.    

 "Ben, go to the place where the inner disciples are on the mountain later. See if my cousin is back. Last month, he said he would practice in Grand Desolation Mountain for a month, so he should be back by now. You send the message to him that I was bullied, and ask him to get back at that idiot," Bates instructed Ben Wang in an icy tone. "I'll see with my own eyes how you will die, idiot Austin!"   

Ben Wang complied with his request.    

 Bates broke into a sinister smile while resentfully thinking, 'My cousin is in the seventh grade of Energy Gathering Realm. So, even if you can perform some mysterious tricks, there's nothing you can do about my cousin's absolute power.   

By then, I'll tread you under my foot and trample you like an ant again and again until you die!'    

Meanwhile, the entrance of a cave on Sun Mountain was misty, and the cave was full of rich vital energy of Heaven and Earth.     

Inside the cave, a young man sat cross-legged in meditation. He was good-looking, but the corners of his mouth turned up in a touch of defiance and clear haughtiness, and his eyes shone sharply.     

The undisguised vital energy indicated that his strength had reached the Earth Realm!     

Next to him stood a teenager who looked inferior to him. The teenager was reporting something to him in a respectful manner.   

As the teenager finished his sentence, the young man's narrowed eyes flew opened in amazement.     

"What? Are you saying the fool has become sane, and he has given several grunt disciples a good beating today?"  

  "Yes, Young Master Roger. A few grunt disciples tried to pick on Austin, but he beat them up bad. Since there were other grunt disciples who witnessed it, the story quickly got around."   

 "How is that possible? It's incredible! Hasn't his brain been broken three years ago? How did he suddenly recover?"    

Roger Luo frowned. The news seemed to depress him.     

"I never expected that bastard would have such good luck. Oh, by the way, now that he has recovered, how is his cultivation base of vital energy?"    

Roger suddenly remembered this question and asked anxiously.   

"Judging by the fluctuation of his vital energy in the fight, he is probably in the third or fourth level of Energy Gathering Realm, Young Master Roger," replied the teenager reverently.     

"He's in the third or fourth level of Energy Gathering Realm?"    

Roger Luo muttered with a strange look after a moment's pause. Then he laughed with evident relief.     

"That's good news! Unbelievable! He used to be the first place in the outer disciples being at the ninth level of Energy Gathering Realm. Now his strength has reduced to the third or fourth level of Energy Gathering Realm. 

Very well. This is exciting news!"    

Roger Luo said and laughed hysterically.     
"Young Master Roger, shall we do something about him?"    

"There's no need," Roger Luo waved his hand, appearing relaxed and delighted.   

"I'm in the Earth Realm of vital energy, after all. Do you think he can still put pressure on me as he did a few years ago with his current strength? His time has passed. Since then, Austin has been a nobody to me!     

Austin, I won't kill you just yet because I want you to witness my glory in the future. That is more exciting than killing you!"

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