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 Season 1

Episode 31

(The promotion contest for grunt disciples(1)

Seeing the overwhelming confidence of Matias, Austin sneered and ridiculed, "Is that so? You seem so confident."    

"There's only one way to find out. Let's try, shall we?"    

Matias responded solemnly. It seemed that he started to consider Austin as an equal adversary.     

The audience was hoping to see the two fight to find out who was the strongest.

     "To tell you frankly, I am looking forward to our match. It's been quite a while since the last time I competed with a strong opponent like you," declared Matias again. He glared at Austin with soaring fighting spirit as he clenched his fists.   

However, Austin appeared to be unusually calm. He stood firm with his hands behind his back, devoid of any dismay.    

 Not a single sign of anger or agitation could be seen in Austin as if fighting Matias was something he wasn't worried about.     

When Matias sensed that Austin wasn't interested in fighting him, his facial expression had changed.     

He then said coldly, "But first, I'll teach you what respect is and the price you should pay for your arrogance!"   

 With that said, he directed his powers to his clenched fist and prepared to launch an attack.     


When Matias was about to attack, a thundering sound came.     

Everyone in the area immediately felt a strong presence so overwhelming that they could hardly breathe. Whoever it was, his strength appalled everyone. 

  'To have this strong presence, he must be a powerful warrior at Earth Realm.  

   There's no doubt about it! Only those who are at least at that realm could have that level of strength!'   

 Austin thought to himself.     

Suddenly, a floating figure appeared in the sky. He glanced around with his sharp and angry eyes, and all disciples lowered their heads to avoid his gaze. 

Everyone was quiet and careful not to make any unnecessary noise.   

  The man was no other than Steward Lu!     

The grunt disciples immediately recognized him as soon as he appeared from the sky.     

Steward Lu was in charge of the personnel matters in the sect, particularly managing the grunt disciples. But he kept a low profile and rarely appeared before the grunt disciples.   

"The promotion selection contest will be held two months from now. The winner of the said contest will be promoted to an outer disciple. But before then, any duel, regardless of the reason, is forbidden. Any disciple who will disobey will immediately be expelled!"    

After his announcement, he glanced over the crowd as if threatening anyone who dared to oppose.   

  He then stared at Austin, Matias, and the latter's followers for a while before he turned his gaze away.    

 It was obvious that the conflicts between his grunt disciples were of no interest to him.     

There were also a dozen injured people, but Steward Lu didn't bother to ask.    

 Becoming a steward wasn't easy for Steward Lu. Before he became a steward in the sect, he had gone through many challenges. He had overcome the difficulty in entering the Earth Realm until his cultivation was stabilized.   

After overcoming every obstacle, he finally became a steward. But his assignment was something he hadn't expected–managing the affairs of the grunt disciple.     

Other stewards were assigned to oversee the outer disciples, while some were given the role to manage the inner disciples. Others were assigned in Medicine Hall, Discipline Hall, or Martial Arts Hall.     

All stewards were important positions, except for him. He was made in charge of the humble grunt disciples who were neglected and despised by the sect.    

 Disheartened, he had always been indifferent of his role. Most of the time, he made himself busy with other things to get through the day.   

However, this time, the sect was in urgent need of outer disciples. They had specially instructed him to pay attention to this matter.     

Steward Lu thought that if some of his grunt disciples could be promoted to outer disciples, he would finally gain the respect and influence he had always wanted.     

So, for the first time since he became steward, he paid his grunt disciples a visit to announce the news in person. He was hoping that the grunt disciples would figure out how important the contest was that he delivered the news himself.     

After Steward Lu's announcement sank in, the grunt disciples started discussing the matter with themselves.     

The promotion for grunt disciples was held every four years and the announcements were usually made several months prior to the start of the competition.   

The next promotion contest was ought to start next year, but now, it would be held in 2 months. When the grunt disciples heard it, they wondered why it was held ahead of schedule.    

 Some exchanged comments in a low voice speculating Steward Lu took it wrong.     

"Silence! I'm speaking on behalf of the sect, so no further discussion is allowed. Better prepare for the contest if you want to be promoted!"    

snapped Steward Lu as he glanced coldly around. He was starting to get impatience   

 when something caught his attention. It was Austin.     

He asked in a casual way, "Are you Austin Lin?"   

 Upon being asked, Austin hurriedly stepped forward, bowed, and answered politely, "Yes, Steward Lu. I am Austin." 

 He spoke with utmost politeness and respect. He was trying his best not offend the steward in fear of being wiped off from the sect.     

"I remember that you were turned into a fool. But what happened? Why are you sober now?"   

 Steward Lu asked curiously.    

 "I was, Steward Lu. But a few days ago, I just recovered."    

"Well, that's good to hear. You have a good foundation, and if you worked hard, you might regain your strength," said Steward Lu casually. He had heard about Austin before. The boy was the top disciple among the outer disciples. But due to an unfortunate incident, he was shamefully turned into a fool.    

 Austin's recovery had piqued his interest.     

After all, he was an excellent disciple with great potential and a firm foundation in cultivation. If he could regain his strength before the competition proper, it would be beneficial for Steward Lu, too.   

"Thank you for your kind words, Steward Lu. I will prove my worthy of your confidence."    


Steward Lu was satisfied with Austin's differential altitude.

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