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 Season 1

Episode 10

(Stronger than you have imagine (2)

Bam! Bam! Bam!    Both of their vital energies violently burst out at the same time, and collided between their fists and palms.    

 The powerful force from the collision forced Austin to back down several steps.    

 "Again!" Austin yelled and rushed forward once more.    

 This time, he used another martial art skill called the Roaring Tiger Fist, which was characterized by a fierce and powerful attack.     

Two figures suddenly moved and leaped through the forest. They were so fast that they had already intersected thrice in a blink of an eye.   

'How?' Rafat asked himself.     

He was genuinely shocked.     

He then found out that even though Austin was only at the third level of the Energy Gathering Realm, his body had extremely rich amounts of vital energy.  

   He possessed three or four times the amount of the average person at his level. Thus, Rafat found it hard to resist Austin's power for a long time.     

After they had faced each other in battle three times in a row, Rafat felt his injuries had been aggravated.     

He thought that if they continued to fight like this, he would likely be defeated by the grunt disciple at the third level.    

 Meanwhile, blood dripped from the corner of Austin's mouth. His hand swiped at it and he shook his fist.    

 When he looked down, he found that his fists were red and swollen, and his arms were numb.   

However, his insanely strong fighting spirit completely dominated him and made him unaware of his physical pain.     
Determination filled Austin's eyes as he stared at Rafat once more, like a wolf hunting in the wild.     

He eyed Rafat like his prey that he would soon kill and eat.    

 "Son of a bitch, I admit you are probably the most powerful person I've met at the third level of Energy Gathering Realm.     But if that's why you think you can beat me, you're daydreaming.     

I'm much more powerful than you have imagined," Rafat hissed.     

The way Austin acted really infuriated him. He didn't expect for the boy to attack him so boldly.     

He remembered that he had met some persons at the third level of Energy Gathering Realm before, and they had all bowed before him. They were obedient and eager to please him, and they respected him.   

However, these two he met tonight were different. Denali and Austin were both at the third level of Energy Gathering Realm.     

They looked like ants in his eyes, but they made him taste failure again and again. It was unacceptable.     

His eyes glinted coldly as he was consumed by madness.     

He couldn't stand defeat any longer, so he made his next move.    

 "Blood Bath Magic!" he said.     

As his voice fell, he bit the tip of his tongue. Three streams of crimson blood spurted out.     

Just as the blood gushed out, it quickly turned into three red fumes in the air. 

   The fumes fused with each other and continued to spread, illuminating the atmosphere with a terrifying red glow.  

 The red light suddenly wrapped around Rafat from head to toe. He was completely covered in it except for his animal-like scarlet eyes.     

The  fiery red fog gave off a blood-curdling spirit, and it was strong and powerful as a real demon.    

 It let out howls and screams, together with the disgusting stench of blood.   

  This red fog made the hairs on Austin's back stand on their ends.   

Now, Rafat's power was on par with a person of Earth Realm.    

 They now had a huge gap in strength, and Austin knew that his strong will to fight wouldn't work anymore.   

  Rafat glared at Austin with contempt in his scarlet eyes and sneered.    

 "Go to hell!" he screamed.     

The red fog rushed forth and quickly spread around Austin's body.   

He squirmed helplessly when he felt that he could no longer control his limbs because of the red fog.     

Out of desperation, he had no choice but to channel all his vital energy into his fist and attack Rafat with a hard blow.   

  "Watch out!" Denali shrieked from where she stood.     

She had also felt Rafat's immense power. Both she and Austin were in the same boat now. If Austin won, she would be safe. If not, then Rafat would also kill her.     

And so, she tried her best to warn Austin at the top of her voice.     


Rafat's blow hit Austin, and he felt that all his internal organs had been hit hard at the same time. His body fell back like a broken sack.     

Rafat, who was still wrapped in the red fog, quickly followed him.   

His right fist recoiled and punched Austin hard in the chest.    

 Austin had no power to fight back now. His strength was too weak compared to the power of the Earth Realm.     

Blood spurted out of Austin's mouth and stained his clothes.    

 Then, Rafat grabbed Austin by the collar with his left hand and threw him effortlessly in the air.     

"It's game over. Go to hell!" Rafat yelled coldly.     

Meanwhile, his pale red vital energy, which was visible to the naked eye, turned into countless little snakes and swarmed madly around his right hand.

     As Rafat continued to punch Austin with his right hand, all the little snakes suddenly fused to form one huge red snake. It was much stronger than Rafat's arm, and it struck Austin's chest hard.  

   The sight of the bloody battle made Denali fall into despair. She closed her eyes tightly and refused to watch the scene in front of her.   

If she did, she wouldn't be able to bear the sight of Austin being killed.    


"Ouch…!" Austin flinched.   

  A loud noise was followed by a yelp of pain.    

 'Am I dead?' he thought to himself.    

 Austin felt that a dazzling white beam of light suddenly ruptured out of his chest, and its great force threw his body away.     
'Well, I'm going to die again. I wonder what world I'm going to land this time, and what kind of person I'm going to be.     
God bless me. I pray that I would be a very rich man this time. It would be best to become an emperor's son.     

Or I wish I can go back to being one of the richest people on Earth, such as Bill Gates, or the richest people in Asia, ' Austin thought devoutly.   

However, that wasn't the case.     


Wait a minute.    

 I seem to be alive!' he thought cheerfully.     

After a while, he got up to his feet.   

  He scanned his surroundings carefully, and he couldn't believe what he saw in front of him--Rafat lay motionless on the ground, dead.     

His body didn't move in the distance, and there was no sight of his right arm.    

 When Austin turned to look around the streets, he saw it was littered with Rafat's other body parts. It turned out that his right arm was torn into pieces. 

    Austin felt that he must be dreaming. He pinched himself hard on the arm and he winced, which told him he was not. 

  "Haha, I'm really not dead!" he couldn't help but shout with joy. Denali was also dumbfounded by the sight of Austin still alive.    

 'What is going on?!' she wondered.     Her mouth went dry in confusion. She couldn't understand why things had turned out like this. Of course, she was thankful that both she and Austin were alive, but it was still surprising.   

Both shock and amazement were evident on her face--she had never expected this result.

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