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He gaht me asking for more💦.... 

A gay's romance❤❤
Strictly rated🔞


 Cole shrugged as he left him in a rush, he stood up and began to undress his clothe, he folded his clothes neatly into his cupboard and then went out around the school to the cafeteria to get some food and then eat as lunch. 

School was over by the time he was done arranging his corner, 
   He slept off on his bed after having a good bath using the big bathroom. 

  Naddie came in, just at the time he slept off, the figure on the bed gaht him thinking crazy again, 
  He felt strange... They just met and he's feeling somehow each time he saw him. 

  Why? He felt his heart again and it was still beating widly, he walked past to his own corner and sat down on his bed to undress. 

 Cole too, tossed himself from the other end and exposed his handsome face to his direction. 

 He gulped looking at his beautiful closed eyes, he gasped as his heart thumped harder on looking at his nose, his nose bridge and then his lips. 

He was going crazy looking at that long boy on the bed. He was sleeping without a noise just like a girl will do. 

 He have seen many beautiful girls and boys, but he never saw one as handsome as him. 
  He was moved to his side and he found himself fluffing his soft hair. 

 He found himself looking at his forehead and then as he brought down his lips to kiss his forehead. 

  Cole's two eyes opened and he stared at him with weird expression on his face.
When did he come in? What is he doing by his bedside? Why is he acting weird and even holding his hair. 

 His eyes rolled into Naddie's who was already burning in pleasure to touch him, why have crazy blue eyes? He kinda asked inside of him. 

 Why have these crazy pouted lips? Rody isn't as handsome as this... He thought to himself still looking at him as if he wanted to kiss him still. 

  "What are you doing? "Cole mustered up courage and asked at last as he kept bringing down his face to his. 

  Naddie pushed himself away from him, 
  "Nothing "
  "Then why are you holding my hair and looking into my eyes like I stole something from you? "He asked tactically and it was only left for Naddie to defend himself. 

  "Nothing, I was just admiring the color of your hair "he lied and Cole smirked. 
  "You mean cuz of the light brown color? Everyone keep admiring it"he beamed saying and Naddie smiled. 

 He just defended himself and more likely got to see his beautiful smile.... 


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