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He gaht me asking for more💦.... 

A gay's romance❤❤
Strictly rated🔞


Knock... Knock... Knock... Naddie heard on his door as he was dressing up for school. 

 He wondered who might be at his door this early in the morning. 
   Knock... Knock... Knock... He heard again and he went to the door and opened it. 

   He gasped and then covered his shirtless body as he stepped back, 
   Cole didn't bother as he came in not saying a damn word to the boy who was acting all weird cuz he saw him. 

  He checked out for the number they gave him for the last time and it matched with the one plastered on the wall of the room. 

  The room was well spaced and well furnished, it was adorned with many beautiful colors and that added to the beauty of it. 

He didn't stop thinking that this is a hotel and not a school at all, how can a school be this exposed to social life more than that of school life. 

 Naddie didn't stop looking at him, he was that same guy that he saw last week as he dropped his boyfriend off and was speeding off to town. 

  "You"he pointed at him and Cole at the same time turned his front to him once again, 
  His abs caught his attention, his chest and his muscular arms. 
   He looked away to his face, 
  "What? Hi! "He cooed as he brought his hand to shake the weird guy. 
   Naddie took the arm into his and a shock went round his body. 

   He looked to the boy's face, so handsome! Why haven't he seen him untik now? 
  Where have he been since he was born? 

  Cole smiled taking his hands off his, 
  "My name is Cole Slaw, but you can call me Cole... I'm your new roommate "he introduced going to one side of the room which was empty with only a clean neat bed decorated with blue and pink duvet. 

He guessed this was his own space and where he's going to be staying from now onward. 
   Naddie, doesn't normally allow people into this room which he monopolized as his. 

  Any roommate sent to this room was always sent away to another cuz he's going to chase that person away. 

 But with Cole, he was different, he couldn't take his eyes off him as he dressed for school. 

 He carried his bag and made for the door when their eyes met again, his thumped faster than normal.

  "Arent you going to tell me your name? "Cole asked and he cleared his throat shivering cuz of the beautiful voice which spoke to him just now. 

  "Well... I'm called Naddie"he said nervously and then scurried out banging the door behind him. 
  He held the spot which his heart was located once again, 

It was beating wilder than normal.... 


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