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He gaht me asking for more💦.... 

A gay's romance❤❤
Strictly rated🔞

 Cole, he didn't talk to anyone when he reached home. He was too embarassed by the scene his mom acted out in the school. 

   He locked himself up inside his room and for the next three days he didn't speak to anyone. 
  Even Addie was locked out when she tried seeing him. 

He cried all day like a child and on the fourth day, he came out for food. 
  He was dead hungry, his mom made his delicious and promised to send him to a better school. 

More than that one, on the fifth day being Saturday, he broke up with Addie, he felt free when he broke up with her and on a Sunday he was smiling again. 

Not like he really did smile but he was back to his usual self. On the next Monday, his stepfather took him to a new school. 

    He was quiet through out the whole journey and he always nodded when his step-father wanted to start a conversation with him. 

   Soon, they reached the gigantic gate of BOY' HIGH SCHOOL... A school where everything happens.

 He loved the school immediately as he looked out for the flowers and statues which adorned the whole school building. 

  He saw freshers like him carrying bags and roaming around with a paper in their hands while some made fun of each other, 

Jumped into each other and laughed at each other, 
  Something came to his mind, here is a boarding school. 
   "Is this a boarding school? "He asked his step-dad for the first time since they began this journey to the school.

He nodded in return and he smirked, 
  "You like it? "He asked his boy and he nodded,   
  "Yeah I like it! "He said happily and he smiled at him. 

  "I know you will like it, that's why I brought you here'he said as he parked his car in the parking lot. 
  His eyes wandered about the whole place. 

 How gigantic it is, 
  And its a boarding school! Is that why he asked him to pack his clothes into his bag? 
  Wow! So from now onwards, he will be living inside this school which looked like a hotel? 

  "Is this a school? "He asked as he caught with his step-dad. 
   He smiled crossing his arm around his boy's neck, 

  "What do you think it is? "
  "It looks like a hotel! "
  "Yap!that's because its owned by rich men like me"
 He beamed and he ruffled his hair. 


Everything was done and he was given a room number, a room number which changed his whole life starting from when his step-dad left the school. 

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