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He gaht me asking for more💦.... 

A gay's romance❤❤
Strictly rated🔞


Naddie, he washed himself up after a good fuvk with his boyfriend,   

  He styled his hair and then dressed his bed, he heaved, he wore his clothe and pecked his boyfriend who was still sleeping on the bed. 

   On hearing a soft lips touching his ear, his eyes fluttered open and soon, all those pain he felt in his a$$hole returned immediately. 

  "Argggh"he groaned as he sat up, 
  "Sorry, are you okay now? I'm going to make some coffee for you"
  "Don't bother, I have to leave before my mom starts looking for me"

   Naddie slapped his shoulder slightly at what he said, 
  "Mummy's boy isn't it? I'm going to drop you off to your school "

  He suggested and he nodded, 
  "Cute boy, thanks for today "he kissed his lips and then smiled at him as he went out to his car to go get it ready while he dresses up. 

    Soon, they came out to the admiration of every guy, 
   They walked hand in hand into his car and he zoomed off afterwards and kept smiling at each other until they reached the cross roads where they are going to part. 

   He stopped his car and turned to him, 
  "I'm going to miss you"he mumbled and he smiled cupping his face. 

  "I will be coming around more often okay"he kissed his forehead and then stepped out of the car after giving him a warm hug. 

   "I love you! "He shouted to him as he watched him walk away, 
  He beamed and then rewined his car, he zoomed into the town. 

  He drove faster and faster until he came in front of a school called, 
   *Divine High school*, his eyes went out of his car to see a guy walking behind his mom. 

   His mom was shouting to someone who looked like a teacher to him, 
   His eyes wandered around the tall boy, his short blonde which rested on his face. 

  His veins which existed on his arms, his tall long legs, his face thrilled him the more, he didn't know when he started smiling at himself and at the boy's beauty. 

   The boy's was facing downwards but when he raised it up again, their eyes met and his heart skipped. 

  He didn't take his eyes off him until his car drove past, he stopped his car and touched the spot where his heart existed. 

  Why is it beating so fast? He looked back and he didn't see the boy and his mom again, they seemed to have entered the car and zoomed off. 


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