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He gaht me asking for more💦.... 

A gay's romance❤❤.  
Strictly rated🔞


He held his hurting cheek, 
  Adunni got up too trying to defend him since he couldn't say a word but she turned and walked away. 

   He couldn't move, Adunni was the one standing out to keep those phones from videoing them. 

  "I'm sorry "Adunni mumbled and he smiled, 
  "Its fine, it wasn't your fault "
  "It was my fault"
He stared at that brown skinned girl and ruffled her thick hair. 

  "You were trying to be stubborn just like you're known for"
  Emelda, one of his friends again rushed to him as he came into the class. 

  "What happened? "She asked him as he settled down on his seat, 
  He shrugged, 
  "You're just shrugging? Is that the reason you were having s3x with Adunni on the floor? _

      "What! "He exclaimed, 
  "S3x on the floor? "He looked around the whole room and saw eyes and hands pointed to him. 

 He gulped and not long, his form master sent for him, when he entered his office, the principal was already there, 
  He was raging, 

  "How dare you try to spoil the image of my school? Huh!! I called your parents and they will soon be on their way here" 

  "I did nothing! "He tried to defend himself, 
  His form master looked straight into his face and turned to the principal, 

  "Can I have a word with him sir? "He asked politely and the principal eyed him before walking out, 
  He was so terrified, 

  "Sit down "he asked him to sit, 
  He did so facing the floor, he was too dazed to speak, how can they do that to him? 
 "Tell me the truth by looking at this video"

He said calmly giving Cole the video which happened to circle around the whole school and outside in a space of an hour. 

     He watched himself trying to get his textbook from Adunni, it looks so sexual but he did nothing wrong. 
   "I didn't do anything"he defended, "she was holding my English textbook and then... "
  "I believe you "he cut him up, 
  "But.. "
  "You're going to be expelled "

 "Why? I did nothing wrong! "
  "No body will believe it! "
He knelt down almost in tears, 
 "You know I will talk to the principal for just a suspension for you"

He still didn't feel better especially when his mom ran into the office, they had just come out of the principal's office. 

  "Mom I didn't do it, I can't do it and I won't... "
  "Don't mind them!! You guys think this is the only school around here huh! 

Is that why you're accusing my son of nonsense!! 
  Is that why? I'm gonna sue all of you! Do you know whom I am? Do you know whom my husband is.. "

  "Ma'am take it easy"
  "Shut the hell up!! Cole let's go home!! "


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