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He gaht me asking for more💦.... 

A gay's romance❤❤
Strictly rated🔞


    "Cole! "His mother called as he came down the stairs to take his food and go to school. 

  "Yes mom"he replied going close to her for a peck, 
  His step siblings, Moanna and Xavier were already having their breakfast. 

  His step father was also by the other end eating his meal, 
  "Hey kids"
  "Hey bro"they chorused with their mouth full of food. 

  He smirked, 
  "Mom"he turned to his mom as his step-father seems to be busy with the food he eating. 

  His mom pecked him and made him sit down for breakfast. 
  He didn't waste time eating and hurrying out for school cuz he was already late for school. 
He boarded the bus and straight to school where he met his friends, 
  He mainly kept girlfriends more than boyfriends tho. 

  "Here he comes! "Adunni, his Nigerian girlfriend came to his locker on seeing him. 
 He smiled too, 
  "Hey"he cooed and she smiled. 

  "Your girlfriend was asking of you a while ago"she reported, 
  He hissed, 
  "She missed me already? "He asked and she giggled. 

  "Well, how am I supposed to know? "She smirked watching him open his locker and close it again carrying his books in his hands. 

   She snatched his English textbook, 
  "Hey give it back! "He said as she flipped through it smiling. 
  There are some scribblings inside the English textbook and not even his mom is allowed to touch that book. 

  He made to grab it but she was smart enough to shift away still flipping through the pages but not reading anything. 

  "Hey give it back! "He followed her every steps until it broke into a run around the whole place, 
  "I'm not gonna give it Cole so better give up! "She ran saying while he ran after her. 

   Addie, still in search of her boyfriend met a sight in the hallway which harbored the lockers from one end to the other, 
  Adunni was laughing as she was chased by Cole, he dived and caught her making them land to the ground. 

  He was on top of her , she still held on to the English textbook strongly as he struggled to get it away from her. 

 He was being gentle, he didn't want to hurt her but she's being stubborn. 
  She always have been anyways and he knows her quite well. 

  Addie in anger walked up to them really upset and cleared her throat to alert their attention that everyone was looking at them and more likely videoing them. 

  Cole didn't care until he got his textbook from her, 
  "Stubborn head! "He mumbled getting off her and stood up to see phones pointed to his face. 

  Addie was standing in front of him, as if she was waiting for him to finish. 
  She was really mad at him;
  "I never knew you guys were this intimate"she started with him. 

  He shook his head but can't say a word cuz of all the phones pointed to him alone, 
  She slapped him.. 


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