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He gaht me asking for more💦.... 

A gay's romance❤❤
Strictly rated🔞

     Cole beamed looking around him, 
   But does it mean he's this guy's boyfriend? 
No, that can't be happening! 

Dating his fellow guy? Why does he feel like he's accepting it even when he knows so well that he doesn't like it? 

    He gulped and then looked at Naddie who was looking at him all these while, 
  "what's it? "He asked Naddie who was looking at him and he smirked. 

  "You're so cute, the most cutest guy I've ever seen"he replied and Cole's face heat up once again, 
  Naddie held his hand into his and led him forward around the whole place. 

  "Wow! "Cole will gasp at any new thing he saw, any new thing that thrilled him too, 
   Wow!! He will gasp and Naddie will keep his gazes at him. 


It was evening and time to rest, Naddie drove to the restaurant for dinner, a very expensive dinner at that and he kept treating Cole like a king. 

    He just couldn't take his eyes off Cole for one second, 
  "What? "Cole will ask him and he will shook his head smiling, 
  Cole will smirk and continue with his food until he catches him again looking at him. 

  "Won't you eat? "He asked him and Naddie recalled that he had a food infront of him, 
  "I'm eating"
  "You've been looking at me for quite some time now"he replied and Naddie smiled. 

  "I love seeing your face, its my food for now"he replied and Cole gulped, 
  Naddie smiled transferring a portion of his food to his plate. 

  "Eat up "he said to him and Cole was shocked, first time someone is caring so much about him. 

   "No, I'm fine"he said nervously but Naddie smirked filling up his spoon and sending it to his mouth, 

  "Eat up "he said trying to feed him in public, 
  Cole looked around the whole place, 
   What's he doing? Does he want to disgrace him? 

  This is not good, he stammered, 
  "I'm fine Naddie, so stop this... I mean I... Don't worry... I'm just okay on my own eating "he gulped taking a glass of water and gulping it down his throat. 

   Naddie smiled, 
  "Here have this "he gave him a napkin but Cole couldn't except it, 
  "Take it"he said again but he won't take it so he had no choice but to clean up his lips himself. 

  Cole, he cleared his throat, 
  "I want to go home"
  "Sure, I will take you home"Naddie replied sharply getting up smiling at him.... 


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