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He gaht me asking for more💦.... 

A gay's romance❤❤
Strictly rated🔞


  He beamed at them, 
  "Thanks Ollie"he appreciated hugging him coldly, 
  "Happy birthday bro"
  "Happy birthday "

And it continued until late in the evening when Addie finally came into the house. 

   They went out together and she kept smiling at him, clinging into him and even holding hands with him. 

He didn't want to push her away, he really doesn't want to, 
  He smiled coldly at her as they trudged through the cold lonely pathway. 

   "Happy birthday Cole, I got you a birthday present "
  He scoffed, 
  He disengaged from her at last, 
  "See, look Addie... Can I tell you something? "He asked staring at her with those romantic eyes of his. 

  She smiled looking into those eyes and believing in them,   
He wished she shouldn't believe in them, 
   How deceitful his eyes could ever be. 

   "I.."he made to speak but she interrupted him with a hug, 
   Her eyes were tear filled, he loves her so much and she understands. 

  Nothing is going to separate them, not even Jonny who had been asking her out for quite a long time now. 

   "I love you too Cole, more than you love me and I will never let you go for no reason"
  "That's not... "He tried explaining but she hushed him with a kiss. 

   He was stunned, main reason was that he thought she's going to detect the coldness that lied beneath those lips she kissed. 

To her, she didn't kiss something better than those lips, 
   How filled with love his lips was, 
  She opened her bag and brought out a gold chain which he bought for him. 

He beamed, 
  "You shouldn't... This is super expensive and cost you quite some dollars! "He said admiring the chain over and over again. 

 "You love it? "She asked and he nodded forgetting the earlier part when he said that he's going to break up with her. 

   "Lemme help you "she said collecting the chain and helping him into it. 

   "Its beautiful!! "She adored as she traced her hands through his chest. 

    "Thanks Addie, "
  "Its fine as long as you love me, its your birthday so anything for you"she smiled and he hugged her. 

  After that, 

  "Are you going to come to school tommorow? "He asked and she nodded, 
  "Yes! Remember Ryan is going to bring Marie's car to school tomorrow"she reminded and he nodded. 

  He beamed, 
  "See you in school tommorow then "
 He waved as he turned heading for home without her... 


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