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He gaht me asking for more💦.... 

A gay's romance❤❤
Strictly rated🔞


 Naddie, he was upset, with everything around him especially his boyfriend for acting any how he wanted around Cole. 

   He touched Cole's arm and that got Cole looking at his face, 
   He smiled at him and Cole couldn't speak. 

   "I'm sorry if he was that harsh"
  "Its okay but I won't stay in the... "
  "Everyone in this cafeteria should get the hell out!! 

Get out!! Get out before I burst your head!!! "He screamed to everyone and they scrambled out, 
  They know the typical Naddie, if they don't leave, 

 He might wound them, 
   He turned to Cole, just this once, maybe just once he will have to taste his lips even if he's going to leave later, 

  He have to kiss him first, 
   Cole was surprised, 
  "Why did you chase all of them away? "He asked and he shifted closer to him. 

   "Now everywhere is quiet for the both of us, 
   I don't like my boyfriend anymore right from the first I saw you"he said as he got so close to him. 

   He had his hands on Cole's face cupping his cheeks, 
   Cole was surprised and startled at same time. 
   He brought his face closer to Cole's and he couldn't back away, 
  He wanted to know what he was upto. 

    Naddie kissed him, he filled his lips with his, 
   Cole gasped, first time he was being kissed and by a guy too! 

    Naddie, it thrilled him, he brought his hands to his neck kissing him deeper and Cole looked on, 

  He watched him kiss him with closed eyes, his body was in a total rage, 
   He was shivering... A guy kissed him? 

   Gosh! It feels so strange but cool, 
   "I like you"Naddie uttered as he disengaged his lips from his.
   Cole's cheeks heat up. 

What's happening? He wanted to know, what the hell is happening? 
   "I like you so much Cole, I will break up with him just because of you"

  He said to him and Cole was still silent, hold on... Did he kiss him? 
  A guy kissed him? Why? What for? 

   "Here, "Naddie stood up holding his hand into his, 
 "Let me take you out and let's have fun"he said to him but Cole still couldn't speak. 

 Naddie led him away, out of the cafeteria and out of the school with his car, 
   He took very far away from town. 

   He reached a tourist waterfall and got out, Cole did same thing sluggishly, 
   Naddie couldn't stop smiling at him for once, 

   Cole looked around the whole place and at the huge waterfall infront of them, 
  "Wow! "
  "You like it? "


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