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He gaht me asking for more💦.... 

A gay's romance❤❤
Strictly rated🔞


   "I think I have to go to bed"Cole announced as the awkward silence in the whole room seemed to bore him, 

   He stood up but Naddie sat him down back on his chair, he was scared, 
  What's he upto? To kiss him? What? His thoughts were wild. 

  He shouldn't even think of doing something stupid with him at all. 
    Naddie shifted his face so close to his, 

  'What are you doing? "He asked almost stuttering, 
  "Just admiring your beautiful face"he replied before patting his shoulder and then went to his corner and hopped into his bed. 

  Cole felt his heart beat, it was beating a while ago, 
  He gulped feeling strange and then went to his bed. 

 He laid down and soon fell asleep till the next morning, 
  As he brushed his teeth, coming out of the bathroom after a bath with his towel tying loosely around his waist, 

   His eyes met Naddie's as he had his breakfast eating, 
   Naddie stopped immediately looking at his body. 

 He forgot, Cole really forgot that he's attracted to male's else he won't have been so loose with his body. 

  Naddie stood up especially when his eyes fell on his tiny waist, 
    Cole panicked, he's in trouble. 

 He's going to stop schooling after today, he doesn't like this school anymore, he won't really school here again. 

    Naddie advanced towards him still until he reached up to him, 
   Cole avoided his looks, 
  "I told you am attracted to guys yesterday didn't I? "He asked pushing him backward to a nearby wall, 

   He was succumbing acting like he didn't care at all about what he was trying to do, 
  "My mind didn't cross it and besides I don't look bad or do I? "He asked and Naddie gave a small smile, 

   His body is a killer! He wished he's going to be seeing his body like this everyday,
  He brought his face closer to Cole's, 

  Cole didn't understand anything that's going to happen until he had his lips into his, 

   What's happening!!! His body asked him immediately as his whole body began to vibrate, he was shivering also, 

   Naddie didn't remove his lips immediately from his, it was like he wanted to do more than just a kiss, 
  Cole was clueless about what to do. 

  His first kiss to be stolen by a fellow guy like him, 
   Naddie pressed himself against him and he didn't know when he gave out a groan and.... 

  Naddie's boyfriend opened the door and barged in, 
  "Oh my gosh!! Naddie!!! "he screamed. 

They disengaged from each other... 


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