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He gaht me asking for more💦.... 

A gay's romance❤❤
Strictly rated🔞


This is so bad! He told himself as he gulped looking at the two of them with all the weird thoughts in his head. 

  "Whoa! He's so pretty! "One who had his divk stuvk in the other's a$$hole spoke up after glaring at the tall handsome figure who was just barged in on them. 

  He immediately closed the door panting at what he just saw, How did he come into a school like this? 

   His heart was beating faster, something seemed to have radiated inside of him after he opened that door to meet a weird sight with his eyes. 

   How body felt strange, he didn't want to think about that we he rushed away to the class. 

Naddie, he didn't take his eyes off him as they were in the class and that bothered Cole so much. 

He's in trouble, how's he going to be inside a school with a weird lifestyle. 

Tho, he had heard so much about gays, he never dreamt that someday, he's going to be so close to those set of people. 

 He never knew that he's going to be in same place with them, he scoffed looking at himself over and over again. 

  "Want a ride? "He heard from Naddie as the class ended at last and everyone left the class for the music class. 

  He gulped, he now knew whom he is, something bothered him tho, why is he being nice? Does he want to do the same thing he saw those guys doing in the restroom? 

  He dare not try it! But how? How do they enjoy that? Anal s3x?? Who the hell gets comfortable with that? 

Isn't it painful to them? Don't they feel the pain? 
  "No"he refused and Naddie made him stand on his feet, 

  "Your face looks so pale, are you okay? "He asked him and he nodded, 

   "Are you sure? "Naddie repeated feeling the urge to start a conversation with him if that will give him the chance of staying by his side. 

  He really wanted to see him smile at him, he wanted to see him talk to him. 
   "Nothing is wrong"Cole said in the most politest manner but he never left him. 

  "How about going on a... "
  "No"Cole rebuked immediately, he thought he meant RESTROOM,he doesn't need a love life with guys. 

 He's a guy... He doesn't feel being a guy inside of him but he clearly know that he's a guy, in some way, he is, 

  Naddie had no choice but to sit beside him until his boyfriend came in looking for him.... 


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