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He gaht me asking for more💦.... 

A gay's romance❤❤
Strictly rated🔞


Next day, 

  Cole dressed up for school before Naddie could wake up and give him those weird glares like yesterday. 

 He took his English textbook and his geography going out ot the room, 
 That's when Naddie woke up, he frowned. 

He had missed seeing his body again! He had missed it and that's what he wanted to see but he didn't wake up. 

  He dressed up for school and soon, he was out too to the cafeteria for breakfast. 
  He took his morning tea and bread looking out for where Cole sat. 

 He found him again but he was sitting with two guys opposite him, 
  He frowned, why does everyone have to see him? 

He's handsome! Yes! But must everyone see it that way? Sometimes they should see him as ugly so he could stop getting jealous on seeing a guy around him. 

  Cole was uneasy, two guys sitting opposite him made him so, they were looking at him as if they wanted to end his life with their eyes. 

  He sipped on his tea slowly and munched on his bread rather sluggishly, 
  He looked around the whole gigantic cafeteria and what he saw baffled him. 

 Guys feeding guys, laughing, smiling and he recalled seeing a guy peck the other's head. 
  He was alarmed, he was dreaming. 

What kind of school is this? Or is this some drama school where everyone act out their best to be promoted to the next class. 

   "you're not going to speak to us Mr. Handsome"one who have been waiting for him to speak for a long said winking at him. 

What was the meaning of that? What's wrong with everyone?  
  He stood up from his seat, took his books and disappeared out of the cafeteria straight to the restroom to wash himself up. 

  He reached one of the restroom where he started hearing animal noises, 
  *I like it when you go rough on me! *
  *Oh my gosh! This is shaking my whole body! *

  *Hmpph! *
 Two voices were what he could detect from inside the restroom, from his calculation in many experience he had in his formal school. 

 He concluded that they were having s3x but something that marvelled him was it was two male voices and no female voice was heard. 

 He was curious and that got him opening the door, 
He gasped at what he saw, he cupped his mouth and the two guys stopped what they were doing looking at the intruder. 

 His heart skipped a thousand times, what kind of school is this? 
  He recalled how Naddie had been acting weird around him since yesterday, 

How Andy helped out with his sweater, 
  It was clear to him now... He's in a gay school! 


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