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He gaht me asking for more💦.... 

A gay's romance❤❤
Strictly rated🔞


 Naddie, he felt pissed off, why? For the guy he just met twice? 
  But why does he get so attracted to him? 

   Cole wondered why he have been standing there for a long time looking at him? 
  He didn't quite understand this one who is lending a sweater to him. 

  He thought sweaters were given out of care for a girlfriend during a cold day or night and not a guy giving his sweater to a fellow guy. 

 He was uncomfortable, 
 "I want to head in"
"To?? "Andy asked him smiling into his eyes and he found him weird too. 

Who smiles at a guy like that? Like he was flirting around him? He gulped looking away from him and then took off the sweater giving it back to him. 

  "You might need them more than I do"he said trying to put it on him once more, 
  "Don't bother... I... "He was saying when Naddie walked up to them. 

 He gave a frown to Andy and turned to Cole,  
  "When did you leave the room? I wanted to show you something "
  "Something?? "Cole asked wondering why he was going to look for him. 

And why the heck is he being so tender while speaking to him? He asked himself as he looked from Andy to Naddie. 

  "Do you guys know each other Naddie"
  "Yes! "Naddie snapped, "he's my roommate "
  "Awwwn, you're quite lucky then "he replied Naddie. 

Lucky? Why that word lucky? Why must Naddie find himself lucky coz he's his roommate? 
What's happening? He looked around the whole compound and found every guy to be paired with a guy partner. 

  What's wrong? Something is so fishy about this school? Why didn't he read about the biography before jumping into the school. 

Something so fishy about the school and he's going to find out soon, 
  "Let's go, I want to show you something "Naddie repeated as Cole couldn't take his eyes off him. 

 What might be thinking? Does he feel same way for him too? Does he feel the connection? He smiled at him but Cole didn't smile back. 

  "No, I want to eat first "he declined softly walking out of the both of them and Naddie and Andy stood looking at him. 

  "Isn't he the most handsome guy you've ever met? "Andy asked and Naddie nodded, 
  "He's the most lovely boy I've ever met and I swear, I don't know what am feeling for him each time I see him"

  Andy nudged him laughing, 
  'Who doesn't know you? Go and get him fuvked and you're going to be okay after that"
  Naddie frowned at the way he used those words in a vulgar manner and then hissed, 

  Cole turned a little to look at Naddie and Naddie almost melted..... 


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