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He gaht me asking for more💦.... 

A gay's romance❤❤
Strictly rated🔞


  Evening time, 

They dressed up for dinner, Cole washed earlier when Naddie went out to meet his boyfriend, so he was dressing up when Naddie came in. 

  He shook terribly seeing his half naked body, he screamed and then closed his eyes running into the bathroom. 

 Cole was confused, why will he scream like that? What's wrong with his body? He smirked and then began to wear his casual top without putting on a singlet inside of it. 

Naddie breathed hard, what kind of temptation is this? No, he can't stay with him inside this room, he's going to end up acting stupid if they stay up to one more day inside this room together. 

  He undressed and washed up himself and by the time he came out, 
  He was gone, he breathed hard and then dressed up hurriedly maybe to catch up with him when he goes out. 

 He was done in the next five minutes and he hurried through the hallway bumping into the students who were littered around each other laughing and smiling at each other. 

  He met Cole, he was at the other end of the rose flower admiring it when Naddie saw him, he smiled to himself drawing at his shirt before taking a step to go and meet him. 

He hadn't gone up to five steps when he saw a guy standing beside Cole, 
  He frowned and then stood looking at the two of them to know what that guy is upto. 

  "Admiring the flowers? "the guy mumbled standing behind Cole, 
 He turned and then smiled before nodding his head. 

  "Yup, I like the way it is"he said and the guy plucked out one from the low tree with his eyes lingering on Cole. 

  "Take "he handed it to him and he took it from him surprised on why a guy gives a guy a flower. 

  "I'm Andy, call me that "he introduced and he nodded, 
  "I'm Cole "he replied smiling. 
  "New in the school? "
  "Yeah, I started school today"he replied with his eyes still on the flowers while Andy's eyes were on him. 

  "I like your hair color"he complimented him and he blushed, 
  "Thanks"he replied but felt the urge to leave for the hall to have a nice meal and then head back into his hostel. 

  "Feeling cold? "Andy asked seeing as he rubbed his body with his hands,   
  "Yeah but I will soon go in "
  Andy didn't want to hear that as he took off his sweater and hung it over Cole's shoulders, 

  "You will get warm soon"
  Cole looked at him, why is be being so helpful and soft? He turned his front to where his back faced before and saw Naddie standing there looking at him.... 


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