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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Nineteen----------

     --------Jade's Pov---------
     🌹Love at first sight🌹 

   Why did my heart beat so wildly when I saw her standing in front of the class. 

  Our gaze met and my heart thumped so hard, 
 I've never behold a girl that beautiful! 

  And sitting next to me, oh gosh! Best feeling ever! 
  I can't stop looking at her, I can't stop staring at her half exposed legs that sometimes I feel like I'm going to lose myself. 

  It was her that gave me the real definition of *love at first sight*, I saw her and I think I'm in love with her already. 

  But that's not the problem, the problem here is that my friend, not just a friend but someone who's like a brother to me kinda like her too. 

   It came as a shock to me that he want to root for her, why? Why her? 
   I know she's going to be his first ever girlfriend but why must it be her? 

 If he had dated Janet of two months ago, this girl would've been all mine but now, I have to risk my feelings for him. 

   I don't think I want to do this, I can't do this, 
  Not with her staying near me all the time, what draws me to her the more is the way she glares at me. 

  Those crazy eyes turns me on so much and scares the hell out of me cuz I feel like I'm gonna release on my self. 

  She's so sexy, hot, crazy, sassy, grumpy, smart etc!! 
  She's the kind of girl I always wanted and here she is. 

  She's not an easy one but... No! She's not mine! She's Micah's to have cuz everyone supported him for her and not me. 

  This is not good at all, 
  "Are you going to stay moody all day? "Caleb asked me and I smiled, 
  "I'm just wondering what type of girl she's like"

  "She's just those type that love playing hard to get all time"Jason put in and Teddy concurred with him. 

  "Yeah, she's just being careful cuz she came to school newly, you don't have to bother Micah"Teddy said touching Micah's palm and squeezing it. 

  "The slap she gave me is still ringing in my head"he said sarcastically and all of us laughed. 

  "That was really stinking, would've given her back that slap if not that she's beautiful "Caleb said amidst laughter. 

  "She was just so lucky that she's so beautiful and can't be touched anyhow"Jason put in, 

  He pulled the car to a stop infront of his house and we all got out,
   "I thought you were going to take us all home? "I asked and Jason smirked. 

  "My little sister have a birthday today and don't think you guys have to go home after all"he said and I scoffed. 

 That his clingy little sister who will keep on singing into my ears on how much she loves, 
  She's just something I can't understand, 

   Caleb tapped my shoulder, 
  "Let's get in, she won't be so clingy today "he smiled whispering and we all walked in together. 

  "Oh my! Is that you Jade!! How did you know today is my birthday and came to see me!!!!! "She screamed on seeing me and then jumped into me.... 


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