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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+
-----------Episode Eight----------

     --------Alicia's Pov---------

I became cold. 

My face turned placid. 

Is he joking or telling me what I should hear? 

 I laughed and then smiled turning to look at the seriousness on his face, 

  "Are you kidding me? "

  "I'm telling you what I think you should know... Alicia, I really love you but... "

I was getting impatient and it seemed so unreal to me, 

  It wasn't real! I'm dreaming! Some one somewhere should wake me up from this long dream of mine. 

  "Alicia, I really love you but... I can't date you anymore "he voiced out with a bitter voice this time and I burned in anger. 

It was real but what's he saying? 
  "Why? What did I do? "
 "I just can't date you anymore! "

  "Why? "I asked calmly forcing back the tears that gathered around my eyes, 

My heart was aching, is this how heartbreak is like? My heart was ripping apart! 

  "Because you're short... My friends kept taunting me with you, calling you all sorts of names and... And I don't think I can protect you"

  Because I'm short? 
  "What are you saying! "I screamed and he gasped. 
 "I don't know but let's end this relationship... I'm so sorry but I can't date you anymore"

  "Because am short isn't it? "I snapped and he nodded slowly,

  My legs couldn't move, I stood rooted on the floor staring at the guy whom I once loved suddenly turned beast in front of my eyes. 

  I did nothing wrong to him but because am short! Because am fuvking short! 

  He tried to touch me but I shifted back trying to understand if its really him or someone else speaking to me in this manner. 

Tears rolled out of my eyes and rested on my cheeks, 

I remembered my first encounter with him, 

How he kissed me, 

How he told me that he liked me, 

  *I like you, the moment I saw you by the corner in the cafeteria eating all alone, I knew I like you*

  "Our... Our relationship is just three months old"I mumbled out of breath and he sighed. 

  "I wish I can... "

  "You can TK! You're just... "

  "Just what? Do you know what I've been passing through trying to date you? 
The insults... "

Does he see me like an insult to him? 
  My heart shattered the more, 

  I stepped backward as hard as I could try and then I felt myself running away. 

 I now understand the cold attitude towards me all these while. 

 I understand all the anger he had been displaying for me these past weeks too. 

  I ran home crying, 

  I never knew he's going to do this to me, 
 I thought he loved me so much! 

  I cried harder, gosh! Its so painful! 
 I can't survive this! 

Because am short! Because am short! He can't date me anymore because am short and an insult to him?! 

  I ran into my room and on top my bed crying. 

 Everyone has insulted me with my height but I've never felt this bad before, 

 My body shook terribly wishing that I wasn't consoled by anyone at all.... 


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