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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-----------Episode Seven----------

     --------Alicia's Pov---------


When he finally removed his lips from mine, 

 My lips was hot! 

 So fuvking reddish too. 

From today, 

I had a lovely date with Tk. 

 After school, 

We normally went to clubs, 

First time I drank alcohol was from him even though I was seventeen years old. 

He was the best thing that ever happened to me. 

 I loved him! 

We didn't care about the whole world. 

  We never cared! 

He loved me! 

  I knew that! 

There's no kind of dates we never had, 

  Hiking, picnics, swinging on a swing.... All and all!! 

Lots and lots of fun! 

   He loved showing me off to my friends. 

  Whenever I got an *A* grade on my papers, he would laugh and get so proud that he has such an intelligent girlfriend. 

   But, things began to change, I noticed it. 

  Things began to really change after our three months of relationship. 

  And it happened right after I slept with him. 

 A night that I will never forget. 
A night of which I gave my virginity to him. 


    "Tom"I called one day after school and we were strolling home from school. 

We just got into senior high, 

  "Yes?? "He replied in his usual cold voice to me this past weeks, 
  "My mom is moving with us"
  "Why? "He asked looking to my face, 

  "She got a divorce from my dad"I replied. 
  "Why? "

  "They don't love each other any more, 

So she told me with tears, she's moving... I wonder why two couples who love each other will someday tell the other that he/she doesn't love him/her anymore, 

 That shit hurts like hell! "I voiced out with a disgusting voice but he didn't reply, 

  "So? Are you going to leave me? "He asked and I felt down hearted, his voice didn't encourage me at all on what I wanted to tell him. 

  "Yes, I'm going to leave with my mom... "
  "Fine"he walked out on me coldly. 

  Something he never did before to me. 

  I was surprised and hurt at the same time as what he did was so new to me. 

Why would he walk out on me like that? 

I was troubled so much that the next day, 

  I went to school so early so we could talk things out, 

 He didn't want to give me a listening ear. 

I can't even say what I did that triggered or made him angry. 

  I couldn't place my hand on anything, 
  Is it because am leaving? Is it because am going to leave him? 

I couldn't say, but... But... But he said he loved me? I was scared. 

So scared of loosing him, 
  Days passed slowly and we never spoke to each other until a month to our day of departure to a new home which my mom created for us. 

 It was a Sunday, 

 After going on a Sunday school with my sister, Emma, 

  We cooked, tidied the house and I went out for a walk in the evening and and I met him. 

 My heart shook terribly or rather violently on seeing him, 

  He saw me and looked away, I advanced towards him and stood behind him. 

  Silence reigned between us, after sometime and noticing that he didn't want to talk to me, 

  I back hugged him. I placed my head on his back and half closed my eyes. 

  I felt warm and secure not until, 
  "Alicia"he called my name coldly and turned to look at me with all the sincerity in his voice, 

  "Yes? "I replied rather soberly, I noticed that all these while, his gaze couldn't meet mine, 

  "Let's call it quits between us"he blurted out.... 


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