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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-----------Episode Six----------

  ----------Alicia's POV---------

               🌹Second kiss🌹      
  I relaxed my head trying to adjust my self to the fact that this is true until he petted my head with his palm. 

  It was so refreshing and cool. 

 I didn't know when we reached the cinema, 

  Until he gave me a tap on my head to sit up, 

He smiled at me. 

  "We're already there"

I looked out and it was really KAREN, the popular cinema that I knew of, 

  I can't believe that someday I will come to this cinema. 

  We came out and he paid the fare. 

 He looked down to my face and smiled at me. 

He held my hand and it felt so soft and comforting for my hand to be into his. 


We were on the long queue to apply for tickets, 

  He carried me up so I could see through those tall people infront of me. 


  It was so embarrassing! 

 I felt so shy as every eyes turned to me but I had no choice. 

 He only meant good for me and nothing but good. 

  Soon, it was our turn and he dropped me down smiling at me, 

  "I wanted.... "

 "Its okay"

 I interrupted. 

Its too embarrassing for him to say those words to me. 

  Tell me that am short and I have to jump before I could most things? 


  I didn't want to hear that from him at all!
 we got our tickets and we went into the big but blue-lighted hall. 

  You all know how a cinema look like so no need describing. 

   We held hands into the hall and sat down holding hands, 

  "Oh my gosh! I didn't even ask you what movie you might love to watch "he whispered into my ear and I giggled. 

  "Every movie is okay "

  "Really? "

I nodded smiling and he pecked my forehead. 

 My cheeks got hot and red! 

Did he just peck my forehead? 

  "I forgot something again? "

  "What? "

 "Popcorn! Here, wait for me... I'm coming "he excused himself and came back later with a pack of a huge popcorn in his hands. 

  "Whoa! "I exclaimed as he sat back in his seat near me and then tore it open. 

  I fed my self.

He fed me. 

I fed him too! 

  Its fun! 

Dating is fun! 

Being with the one you love is the most sweetest thing in the world! 

  when I fed him, he will let my fingers stick in there for a while before he let them go, 

 "Your fingers are so sweet! "

  I laughed. 

  I don't think we both ever paid attention to the movie displaying infront of us, 

 We weren't at all! 

We were playing! 

   "Here"I fed him and he shook terribly. 

  "Your hands are magic, look at how my body is shaking! "

  I smiled staring at a very handsome guy which every girl will kill for behaving so childish just because of me! 

  Because of me! 

  He's really in love with me! 

  He put a single pop corn into his lips and then asked me to come closer, 

  I did and he held my face gently slamming his lips into mine! 

 I froze! 

That first feeling I had when he kissed me on my way to cafeteria came back. 

   He sucked on my lips leaving me really transfixed. 

I was too dazed to move my limbs. 

 I didn't even know how to kiss, 

 I can't do anything! 

  I just allowed him do the whole thing himself! 


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