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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-----------Episode Five----------

  ----------Alicia's POV---------

               🌹a lean🌹      
Does he mean it? 

He wants to feed me? He wants to feed me? 

  He smiled, 

  "Here "he scooped some soup into the spoon and then off it came towards my lips, 

 I looked around. 

 All eyes were on me. 

 I'm shy! 

 I can't do this! 

Is this real? 

Can't I wake up just yet? 

What's all this? 

I need to wake up from this long dream? 

I need to wake up from this long dream! 

  "Ipen your mouth"he said and I got my mouth parting a bit, 

 I sucked it up and he giggled, 

  "I love the way you eat... Like a baby! "

He cackled and I blushed. 

 A baby? 

No one ever told me that I eat like a baby! 

 No one! 

  He fed me and himself till the bell rang again for classes. 

   He packed up the plates and returned them to the waiter and waitress. 

 He came back later and grabbed my arm. 

He's making me feel like a princess! 

 For a moment I felt like I was born special in this world. 

To be loved this way by my crush really marvels me. 

  "Let's not go back to class"

  "Why? "I asked and he beamed shuffling my hair playfully. 

  "Let's go on a date, "

  My jaw dropped. 

Does he mean a date? Like the one in movies, 

 The one where two couples will go on a tour to tourist centers, 

Buy ice creams and do lovely things! Does he mean that one? 

  "You don't like it? We can go to classes then"

 "No! I will go with you TK... "

 "I told you to call me Tom, I want to hear you call me that from those soft lips of yours "

 Soft lips??? 

 I touched my lips immediately, 

Is it really soft? How? 

  I gulped, 

  "Did I say something wrong again? "

 "No! I... "

 "But you're staring at me as if I said something wrong to you"

  "No, let's go on a date! "

 "Really? "

He limped into the air like a kid and I smiled. 

Do I really make someone go crazy like that? 

 I never thought in my wildest dreams that someday am going to be someone's favorite! 
  I never dreamed someone is going to act childish just because of me! 

  "Thanks so much Alicia! I thought you were going to say no! "

  I giggled. 

 "I love those giggles"he complimented me again and I smiled. 

  "Awwwwn, that smile... My heart beat faster just now seeing you smile"

  I blushed. 

  "You're blushing! "He yelled grabbing my arm as we ran out and sneaked out through the back since no one is allowed to leave school during school hours. 

  "We boarded a taxi , 
  "Where are you students going during school hours? "

  "Cinema, "he replied almost scoffing at the man as he looked at me and whispered, 
   "Okay by you? "
"Huh? "I asked since I didn't get him the first time, 
  "Cinema, let's watch movies "

  I nodded, 
  "Its cool"
  "Cinema please!! "He ordered the man who still scoffed, 

  "Cinema?? Which cinema for fuvk sake! "
  "Old Karen Cinema please!! "He yelled rudely at him and the man quickly drove off,

He touched my palm and then squeezed it, 
  "Don't worry, its going to be fun! "He assured me and made me lay my head on his shoulder, 

 The hell! 

I was leaning on his shoulder!! 


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