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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Fifty-One-------
     -------Alicia's Pov---------

        🌹Foolish me🌹 
🎶 Coz I don't care when I'm with my baby eh

🎶All the bad things disappear, 

🎶And you make me feel like maybe I am somebody, 

🎶I can deal with the bad guys 

🎶 when am with my baby eh, 

Oh oh oh oh oh

🎶Cuz I don't care as long as your just hold me near, 

🎶You can take me anywhere 

🎶And you make me feel like maybe I'm loved by somebody. 

    I gulped. 
Feeling the moisture of his tongue on mine made me tremble. 
What's happening? Am I getting kissed again? 

But why am I feeling so pleasured by it? I felt so foolish as his lips went deeper into my throat. 

  I wanted to push him away but I couldn't, it felt like I wanted it more than he did. 
   I couldn't stop him so I reciprocated the kiss. 

Hold on! Does it mean I like him now? Why was I so worried that he didn't come to school for three days? Why did I get so bothered each time I looked to his seat and he wasn't sitting there for three good days? 

  Does it mean am getting foolish again? Am I being played on again? Or is this Tk with a mask of Micah? 

  Why am I not pushing him away from me? Why is my heart pounding so greatly again? Why are there butterflies in my stomach? 

  Why am I smooching at each deep kiss? What's wrong?? How did he come into kissing me in the first place? 

  I was angry but can't get him away, I rather pressed his back closer to mine with my hands, why am I doing that? 

  My heart is such a fool for pounding for him? Why? Its been three months already that it got terribly broken and its beating again! 

Why did it beat so wildly? Why? For God's sake why?!!!!!.... I pushed him away at last. 
   I was angry, who told him to kiss me? 

  Why did I feel like I enjoyed it? No one ever kissed me like he did just now, 
   He looked away from me and to the floor, 
  "I'm sorry I... "
  "Bye! See you on Monday "I cut him off and hurrying out of his house. 

  Gosh! That was so embarrassing? Why do I feel cheap again? He didn't even ask me for a kiss.. He just got his lips into me kissing me like I was his girlfriend... And foolish me found it enjoyable. 

  Damn it! 


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