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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Fifty--------
     -------Micah's Pov---------

        🌹Our lips touched🌹 

  She smiled on seeing my sister and then genuflected in greeting, 
  "Good afternoon"she greeted and my sister patted her back staring at me and then at the books which I had in my hands. 

  "Wow! You brought him books for... "
  "Copying"she finished and she looked critically at me before laughing. 

  "Copying? He doesn't copy notes! I don't think he ever did! All his books are as empty and as new as you "
  She giggled watching my sister exaggerate the whole thing. 

  I grinned and then made her disengage from her, 
   I made her come into my study room after much persuasion, 

  I didn't waste time going to the kitchen to make some noodles for the both of us, 
  I tasted and tasted before it was ready at last. 

 I rushed into my study room with the two bowls filled with noodles and forks for eating. 

  "Oh thanks"she said as she digged in to the food, 
  I waited earnestly for her to compliment it before I start eating my own but she didn't compliment as she kept on eating and eating until she was done. 

   Remaining only some little scraps on her bowl, 
  "Wow! That was amazing! "
  I blushed... What I wanted to hear from her was that! And she finally said it to me. 

  I went into mine eating while she looked at me, I felt like spilling the whole food as her eyes were all over my face. 

  "Why didn't you come to school with your friends for three days? "
  I coughed and spilled the whole thing on her face. 

  I gasped, damn! Her eyes were closed as the whole thing from my mouth emptied to her face. 
  "Gosh! "Was the only thing she could mumble as I looked around for a clean towel, 

  "I'm so sorry "I apologized as I wiped her face off with my hands, 

  I wiped her eyes, her lashes flapped repeatedly at my soft touch from the towel. 

   I touched her nose cleaning through it and she breathed in an air, I wondered how those gentle air get into this beautiful nose of hers. 

  I wish I was the air she breathes, I cleaned her lips and my eyes stuck there and that's when her eyes opened too coming in contact with mine. 

 I was shocked, the shock can't be compared to the sudden outburst of my heart as I stared at her lips repeatedly. 

  I wanted to kiss her, I really wanted to, her lips is mine flashed through my mind and I didn't rest from bringing my head closer to hers until our lips touched, 

The feeling was out of the world.... 


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