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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Forty-Nine--------

     -------Micah's Pov---------
       🌹Copying notes🌹 

I scoffed, 
  "She's beautiful, I like her but sometimes you have to sacrifice for your friends"
  "Not her"I scowled under my breath. 

She sighed, 
  "I know you like her, you really do from the way you're changing these past days, even reading... Never seen you do that before"she looked at me critically, 

  "Did she say she like you? "She asked me and I shook my head, 
  Of course, that's what's paining me, she didn't say she like and she's being Jade's girlfriend. 

  Does she really hate me that much? 
   "And did she say that she likes any of them? "
  I shook my head, 
 "Never heard when she said so"

  She smirked, 
  "Then you've got to fight until you hear her say so, you don't have to be fighting with your friends cuz of a girl "
  "But you said... "

  "Forget about what I said and stop punishing yourself, I know you miss them so much "she rubbed my kindly and I smiled. 
 She never said that she liked him or did she say so? 

 So she's still mine! She's got to be mine! Her lips is mine to have! Her smiles is mine to have!! 
   I understood the story I was reading all these while better. 

   Directly or indirectly, I felt she was connected to me and I didn't wait for Monday before going to look for her. 

   It was on a Saturday morning that I found her at our gate almost knocking before I opened the gate for her. 

  "Hey! "She cooed. 
She had several books in her hands, 
  I was surprised, how did she come here? 
  Who told her to come? 

  "Hey! "I mumbled and she shrugged, 
  "Won't you send me in? "
  "Oh, I'm sorry "
 I shifted for her to pass and she came in, 

  "Uhm... I brought you my books "she handed them over to me and I looked at them worried on why she had to give me five of her notebook. 

  "You didn't come to school for three days now, I don't have your number so I can ask of what happened but... I tried to help by lending my notes to you for copying"

 Copy? Do I copy notes? I mean... She came all the way here just to lend me her notes?? 
   "Or don't you copy notes? "
  "I do! Thanks so much for the notes"

   I snapped and she smiled nodding her head, 
  "Oh, here... "She gave me a new story book, 
  "What's this? "I asked checking out for the name, 

  "*I'm still yours*"I read and she nodded, 
  I smiled, 
  "Thanks so much "
  "Okay, I will be going then"

  "No, not yet! You just came and I know you took pains coming here to meet me"
  "i have... "
  "You don't have to come and be going without talking to me!!! "My sister barged in from nowhere.... 


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