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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Forty-Eight--------

     -------Micah's Pov---------
     🌹Because of that girl 🌹

Girlfriend?? Did he just say girlfriend? 
So what I've been hearing in the class is true? 

That he hugged Alicia? He hugged her and now they're even dating? 
  Why? Why will Alicia do this? 

   I looked at him, he was smiling at me, I looked away from his face to Alicia's, she didn't look as if she was bothered by what he was saying and that got me angry. 

I walked out of the cafeteria and fell into the arms of my friends, 
  "I won't take this Caleb"I yelled as he tried to calm me down. 

  "You have to let go now, you have to let her go, she's not yours but his now"
  "I won't want to believe that at all"

  "You have to Micah, there are many girls outside there, let's learn to run away from love triangle.... "Jason began before I cut him off, 

  "I don't care! "
  I slipped off from them, 
  "Hey don't do anything stupid Micah! Remember we've been friends before that girl came into the picture "Teddy reminded and I scoffed

I don't care about friends until I make her mine, 
   I walked into the class, took my bag and left for home on foot. 

I didn't bother about them, to me, we've to take a break from being friends for now. 
  We really have to. 

  The following three days of school work was spent on valleys with only me and my story *Her lips is mine *, it was my only company. 

  I was all alone, I didn't want any disturbance from anyone, I didn't want them, 
  I came to realize what my sister have been telling about how foolish we all are. 

  Evening, I left for home to the house where I met my sister, I greeted coldly and walked past her to my room. 

 I slumped into my bed flipping to where I stopped in my story when she came in, 
  "Hey! "She cooed sitting down on my bed and looking critically at my face. 

  "Hey sis"I replied and silence fell between us, 
  "Did you fight with your friends? "She asked studying my mood after sometime. 

  I shook my head, 
  "I am fine "I replied coldly but she smirked,   
  "Why did they stop coming here if you guys didn't fight"

  I scoffed, 
  "I realized how stupid we were around each other so I let them go"I said and she began to laugh and after sometime stopped laughing. 

  "Because of that girl right? "She asked and I looked up to her face, how did she know that?? 


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