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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Forty-Seven--------
     -------Jade's Pov---------

        🌹His girlfriend🌹 

Reaching home, I planned how am going to get her, 
  I need to confess to her about how I feel about her before its too late. 

 I've to do it and stop hiding in the dark, I don't care about how she's going to see it but I will clearly tell her that I love her. 

  I slept soundly waiting patiently for the next day at school, 
  We met again in the cafeteria during break time. 
  She tried to by pass me as she collected her food from the waitress but I blocked her, 
  She tried the other way but I blocked her still. 

 I was smiling at her but she was frowning at me instead, 
  "Leave me alone! "She yelled as she tried another way but I still blocked her. 

   "Leave me alone "she repeated and I scoffed. 
   "I won't let you pass "
  "Why? "
  "Well, that's because I don't want you to unless you're going to sit with me"

    "I won't sit with you"
  "Then you're not going to pass"
  She tried again and I touched her face, 
   "Don't touch me! "

  "Why? When I like you so much "
  She scoffed, 
  "Like me?? You have got to be kidding me cuz I don't like you too... "She didn't finish before I pushed her into a hug with me. 

Everyone inside the cafeteria gasped, 
🗣Look at that! 
🗣He hugged her! 

🗣He likes her too? 
    I pressed her to me the more, 
  "Feel my heart beat Alicia, I like you"
   She was soft on my skin, I liked the scent of her hair. 

     She pushed me away, 
  "I like you"I said and she scoffed carrying her food to one of the desks and then sat down. 

  I followed her, 
  "Get away from me! "She shouted angrily avoiding the eyes of people, 
  "Why? That I said I like you? Don't I? I really do like you "

  'I've heard you.. Can you leave now? "She asked and I shook my head still smiling at her, 
  "No, am not gonna leave here, I want to look at these beautiful face of yours "

  She heaved and not long, Micah walked in looking so furious, 
  I stylishly stood up and cleared my throat. 

  "Hello class!! Everyone listen carefully! 
   Alicia is now officially my girlfriend!! "I yelled to the hearing of Micah who stepped back after he heard me. 

   She looked up but said nothing, 
 "She's my girlfriend and no one should touch her or harm her from now onward!!! "

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