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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Forty-Six--------
     -------Jade's Pov---------


I frowned immediately I ran forward away from him. 
   What magic is he using on her? 
  I walked in earlier seeing her smile at him reading. 

I saw it clearly, the way she was looking at him. Tucking her hair to one side of her ear and smiling with her hands on her jaw supporting the weight of her face with it. 

   My legs seized, he was reading, what was he reading? 
  I walked in sluggishly and smiled when she turned to look at me. 

  "Thank God you're here, stay with your friend, he's so engrossed in what he's reading and I don't want to disturb him so... Stay with him... I have to go, my sister might be looking for me"she said getting up and packing her books. 

  She didn't spare me a glance after what she said, she didn't care to know if I was going to say yes or no. 

  She didn't care as she smiled at him one last time and walked past me. 
   The pain was strong feeling the strong scent of her body by pass me without even a glance or a friendly gaze to my face. 

  I hated to think that he will win over me, I hated to think that he's going to have her. 
  I hated to think that he's trying to win her heart before I do. 

   I reached up to Teddy and sighed, 
  "What kept you guys? We've been waiting for hours "he asked getting frustrated and Jason jumped out of the car and stood looking at Micah as he walked sluggishly towards us. 

   "He's reading "he muttered and our eyes went to what he was holding in his hands that was keeping him busy, 
  A book which had all his attention. 

  "Hmmmm, Alicia is getting him extra busy nowadays, he told me he met her yesterday at a library and they talked and laughed like they've been friends for a long time"Caleb cut in to us and my eyes almost popped out. 

  "Really? "I and Teddy asked, 
  "Of course, you think you will win over Micah, I think he really likes her, this is his first chance at loving someone so you better give up now"Jason snapped talking to me and I smiled like I didn't care about what he was saying. 

   Finally, he reached up to us and walked right into the car, 
  "What do you think you're doing? "Caleb asked as he grabbed the book from him, 

  "What? Give it back! "He struggled getting out the car again, 
  Caleb read the name of the book, 
  "Your lips is mine.. What kind of silly story is this? "

  "Just give it back! "He yelled still, "
    "You're the one to drive dear and stop shouting please "Teddy reminded and he scowled. 

  "Forgotten that this is your car boy? "Jason put in and we all laughed, 
  "That's so gross!! "He mumbled going to the driver's seat. 


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