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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Forty-Five--------
     -------Micah's Pov---------


Why do I feel like she's the girl in this story? 
  Why am I so much attracted to the story each time I read every sexual sentence? 

   ".... *Crawl up to the bed Kyla and beg me to fuvk you... I'm all yours to have if only you have to plead for it. *

  * Hop on to me and let me rock on and massage those huge sides of yours*"

  I gulped reading every word out slowly but not loud, every word, sentence, phrase, clause looked like a reality to me. 

  It felt like Alicia was standing in front of me naked, while I've turned into that guy.... 

  "My body welcomes you... Your body welcomes mine but your lips always disagree with me... It doesn't want to understand that its mine... Your lips is mine and it has to submit and bend to my will"

   I was boiling, my body temperature increasing, I read faster and began to read the rest of the story into me. 

   I studied every word, sentence, phrase, clause carefully. 
   Cuz each of them added beauty and interest to the novel. 

   I was more engrossed in the reading that I almost shouted when someone closed the book in my hands. 

    I looked up to see Jade, 
  "What are you reading all these while? "He asked and I looked at him carefully, 
  "When did you come here? "

  He shrugged, 
  "Caleb is waiting for you to come, school is over, we have to go home, "
  I looked around to see that Alicia was gone already. 

When did she leave? 
   "Hey! Are you okay? "He asked as I stood up wondering how time flew so rapidly. 

 I'm not sure I even read for thirty minutes or did I read more than that? 
   "Let's go home"he urged me as I kept looking around the whole place and how empty everywhere have become. 

  "Did you see Alicia? "I asked him at last and he nodded, 
  "Yeah, I saw her leave the library when I was coming in"
  "What did she say? "

  "She said that she will like to meet me later, we've got to talk "he said smiling, 
  "We?? "
  "No, I mean I and her, she said we need to talk"

I eyed him suspiciously, 
  "That's not true, she can't say that"
  "Why can't she say that? "He asked rolling his eyes and I gulped. 

  But why will she request to see him after leaving me alone in the library when I came here in the first place because of her? 

    "Hey guys!! Hurry let's go!! "I heard Teddy echo to us as we walked out of the library, 
  "Okay!! Hey let's go"he patted my shoulder and ran foward. 

  My eyes fell on the book I was holding, I must finish this novel to know what happened in the end but right now...

I've got to go home. 


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