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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+
-------Episode Forty-Four--------

     -------Alicia's Pov---------

        🌹Her lips is mine🌹 

🎶I've been... I've been thinking, 

🎶I want you to be happier, 

🎶I want you to be happier, 
  🎶When the morning comes, 

🎶When we see what we've become, 

🎶In the cold light the day... 

   "What are you listening to?"someone took my headphones off as I read quietly in the library. 

  It was Micah. 

  I smiled and then closed my book. 

  He put the headphones to his ears and began to nod his head to the beating and wriggling his hands to the song playing in his ears. 

  "I like this so much "he took the headphones off. 
  "That's because its Marshmello, haven't you heard of this popular song? "I asked. 

  "Marshmello? Not his fan at all"
  I scoffed, 
  "You're missing out... This song was even sang by him live on the Chelsea finals almost a month ago, 

  You're really missing out! "
  "Wow! I don't like his songs and that's why"he shrugged. 
  I rolled my eyes. 
  "That's why I said that you're really missing out, 

  He sang Friends... "
  "Friends?? "He asked and I nodded. 
  "🎶You say you love me... I maybe crazy but we are not more than friends... Something like that"I sang the song briefly for him. 
  He nodded, 
  "Wow! Sounds so amazing"
  "Really? "
  "Yeah! Your voice sounded so splendid... I almost thought that you're marshmello "

  I frowned. 
What kind of silly joke is that? 
  "Never mind me please but... "His eyes went to my book and the cover... Then the name, 
  "Her-lips-is-mine... "He looked up to my face after he read the title and his eyes went to my lips at same time. 

   "Her lips is mine? "He asked in a mumble and I nodded, 
  "Yeah"I nodded looking away from his eyes, 
  He smirked, 
  "Its very interesting! "I said and he flipped through the pages. 

  He read out a portion of the story, 
   "*When I look into your eyes... I see love, looking at your nose... I see acceptance but when I look at your lips... Its says something different... It doesn't want to be mine, 

   It always keep biting when ever I look at it, it doesn't want to be mine... Kyla, your lips is mine,.... "His voice seized and his eyes came to mine. 

  His eyes came to my nose and then his eyes traveled to my lips, 
  I gulped biting my lips. 
   He looked away and read down quietly, 

     ".... You better shout tonight Kyla, I'm not going to leave you until you paint my name with your sexy voice and scratch the whole of my back with your sharp fingers... Cuz your body is mine... "He looked at me again as if am the object in the story. 

  I tried snatching it away from him but he shifted a way a little, 
   "I love the story and its interesting!! "He said reading the more.... 


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