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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Forty-Three--------

     -------Micah's Pov---------
        🌹To the library🌹 
   I drove with my friends to school and on coming out, Alicia arrived, 
 She came on her mom's car. 
 Her sister seemed to see me first, she ran to me smiling, 
   I didn't look at her but her elder sister who was smiling at me from afar. 

  Caleb nudged, 
  "Is she really smiling at you or at someone else? "He asked and I smirked going close to her, 
  "Hey"she cooed smiling and I smiled back. 

   "Uhm... "I began to say before Jade jumped in, 
  "Hey Alicia"he cooed cutting me out, 
  "Hey"she replied coldly, 

She turned to me and waved at me, 
  "Bye"she walked off even before Jade could say another word to her. 

   We turned to each other, 
  "What was the meaning of that? "I asked hating the way he jumped in to us and he shrugged. 

Many hours later, 

 It was break time and time for sports in the basket ball pitch, 
   Everyone prepared for sports even the praise singer girls were busy getting ready, 

  I turned to Alicia's side and our eyes met, she smiled and looked away. 
   I just like her smile and the length of her hair. 

   I walked up to her when Jade might've left her side,   
  "Aren't you going to the pitch? "I asked and she scoffed. 
  "Don't feel like going there"
  "Want to go the library? "I suggested and she nodded a little. 

  "Yeah, I want somewhere quiet and not the field"
  Huh... My plans have to be changed now, I had intentions to play in the field and since she's not going to come to the field. 

  I don't I think I have to go either, 
  "Let's go together and read some interesting books again"
  "How about we go some where quiet outside town to catch some fresh air? "She suggested and I jubilated at the idea. 

  I've got my car! Thanks I insisted on coming with mine! Its going to be lovely going out with her! 
   She stood up and began to pack her books, 

   She was almost done when Jade came in to see me talking to her, 
   He turned to me first trying to hide his nervousness, 

  "Won't you come to the field? "He asked and I shook my head, 
  "I won't come, am going somewhere fun! "

  "Can I come along? "He asked and I shook my head, 
  He scoffed jumping into me, 
  "I'm still going to come anyway, whether you like it or not"

   "Or don't you want me to come Alicia? "He asked her and she scoffed, 
Packed her bags and left, 
  "Where are you going? "I managed to ask, 

  "To the library"she replied and before I could speak on why she changed her mind, she was long gone.... 

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