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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Thirty-three--------

     --------Jade's Pov---------
"So that's why I make basket ball my favorite game, 
Cuz this is where I have to cast all my obstacles, fears and anger into "I said tossing the ball into the net. 

  "Mine is different"she kinda put in and I smiled hearing that friendly voice of hers, 
  At least it was less grumpy than what I used to hear in the class. 

  "You think so? "I asked turning to her and she stood up nodding, 
   She grabbed the ball from me and tossed the ball up and down on the floor. 

  "Yes, mine is different"she played the ball into the net even before I could catch it from her, 
  "Hmmmm, its not different, no matter how big or how small a problem and it concerns feelings, 

  Its no little problem at all "I argued and she tried making a toss and ended falling into my arms, 
  I breathed hard grabbing her waist so she won't fall to the ground. 

  My throat itched immediately so I took a hard gulp on my saliva before blinking my eyes twice, 
  "No problem is different Alicia"I mumbled looking straight into her eyes. 

   She blinked twice not looking directly into my eyes but at my nose, 
  Soon, her face frowned and she pushed me away from her. 

  "What do you think you're doing? "
  "I.. "
  "No matter what you say or do... It didn't make or change guys from being jerks! "She yelled at me and then turned her back on me probably walking away. 

   "Hey! "I called but she was so far gone. 
  Gosh! I hit the empty air... Now that am getting to enjoy her company and this happened. 

  Ouch! I hissed and that's when I saw four guys clapping at me, I gulped when I looked correctly to see that they were my friends. 

  My heart skipped as I saw Micah's face, 
   This is bad, they advanced towards me and I managed to keep my peace as I stood staring from one face to another. 

  "I knew it! I knew that something was so fishy about you Jade"Caleb said as they reached up to me. 

  "And I told Micah about it and he wanted to doubt me"Teddy put in and I began to sweat, 
  Everything isn't going to be alright after today. 

  I mean, its not a crime to like someone but why her? Why must it be her when I clearly know that my friend likes her too? 

  "Is this the wrist watch you told us you were going to get? "Micah asked softly but I saw the untold anger in his voice, 

  "I... I.. "I stuttered, no words were formed on my lips, 
  "Take it easy"Jason said as he shifted Micah backwards as he kept advancing towards me. 

  "You know I like her don't you? "He asked getting close to me again but Caleb and Teddy held him back, 

  "I don't want us to have problems Micah, we've never had and we won't start now please don't misunderstand! "

  "Misunderstand?? Did you say misunderstand? 
  You know what... Tell me now... Answer me Jade, do you like her and don't you ever dare lie to me"he threatened and I was too scared seeing those bloody look on his face. 

 I was too scared to lie to him.... 

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