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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Thirty---------

     --------Micah's Pov---------

         🌹He likes her🌹   
  How dare Caleb's useless step brother give me orders and even sit near her? 
  How dare him? 

  And on top that saying that he want to make her his girlfriend! 

What sort of rubbish is that? What kind of understatement is that? 

  How can he vomit rubbish all in the name of being a bastard? The family's bastard to be precise! 

   How much I hate him for breaking and splitting up Caleb's family. 

  The family that used to live in peace until his mother came into the picture claiming to be pregnant for him. 

     And he has the guts to stand before me? 
  He should never forget that I'm older than him with some months and he must respect that fact like that. 

   He smirked watching Little Alicia looking to his face so angry about what he said. 

  "Do I look cheap to you? Someone you can date as you want? "She asked and he smiled at her increasing my anger if not that Jason and Teddy held me from laying a finger on him. 

   "I can buy off anything that you will need, I like you beautiful angel"he spoke again and a slap greeted his face. 

  "I don't care about your fuvking money jerk! 
 Learn to stay off my way each time you see me else you won't take it lightly with me next time you say this rubbish to me!! "She warned before brushing past him. 

   I smirked, I love that slap so much! 
  He so much deserve that slap! I wish I can punch his face too on her behalf. 
  "I will be back"Jade told us, 

  "Where are you going to? "We asked him and he pointed to his wrist, 
  "I forgot my watch and I have to get it"he replied sharply but there was a touch of nervousness in his voice. 

   "Okay "we nodded and he left, 
  Teddy jumped into me, 
  "Hey Micah, why do I feel like Jade likes Alicia"
   I frowned, 
  "That's not true, you're just imagining things"

      "Hmmmm, its so unlike him these days, acting all cloudy and staring at her unending "
  "But he allowed me use his seat beside her, I don't think so"

  He smirked, 
  "I have known all of us for a long time and I know each of out characters, Jade likes her and its better we know it before now"
  "I don't believe you"
  "I feel so much that he went to meet her and not to get his watch"

  "I don't believe you!!! "I screamed getting angry, 
  No one except me should like her, he can't like her and I don't believe it either. 

  How can he like her? That's going to bring discord between us cuz I don't think am going to let her go for anyone. 
   Caleb's eyes went to my face after his brother might have left. 

  "What's wrong? Why did you shout like that? "He asked me and I was too scared to talk. 
  I might've taken out my anger on the wrong person. 

   "Nothing "
  Jason smirked, 
  "If its because of Jade liking Alicia, its in his eyes... I have been watching him right from the first time she walked into the class, 

  He likes her!!! "
I stiffened.... 


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