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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Twenty-Nine---------

     --------Alicia's Pov---------
       🌹Make her my girlfriend🌹   
Came to school the next two days since I didn't come to school for the last two days cuz of a little sickness I had... I came to see that my partner have exchanged seats with Micah. 

   "I don't want you next to me"was the first thing I told him when our teacher left our class, "
  "I was going to leave any way, I was just worried that you didn't come to school for two days now "

  I scoffed. 
  "How is it your business? "
  "Cuz I like you"he beamed winking at her and she scoffed, 
  "Get to your seat please "
  He turned to me winking, 
  "Jade said that I can have this place for a while," 
  "That's impossible "my eyes immediately searched for Jade and our eyes met. 

 He seemed to have been looking at me even before now, 
  I looked away to that punk beside me again, 
  "Jade should be here and not you! "

   "Well, I think I've broken the rule then, "he winked again at me and then looked away playing with his pen. 

Bell rang for break and I went to the cafeteria to eat,
   I sat next to my sister who was sitting with her friends as I digged into my food. 

   Taking two bites, a guy approached our table
  "The short angel! "He echoed sitting next to me , 
  Emma took a glance at me and then looked away. 

She had been so cold to me since the day of that big accident which got her clothes and herself messed up. 

 She talked less to me and mostly cold even when I started up a hilarious joke. 
  "Hey angel! So you're the one my brother had been talking about to be so beautiful!! 

  You're indeed beautiful!!"he admired and everyone's attention were on the two of us if not that Micah and his friends came in at that time with Micah's eyes searching for me I noticed. 

  They began to come towards me but I couldn't move cuz of the eyes and that guy beside me eating from my tray. 

  The whole place turned calm as I felt Micah's presence beside me, 
  "Everyone clear out of this table except Emma and Alicia "

   He announced and everyone scurried out with their foods looking another free table to merge with except the guy who refused to move, 
  "I said something about everyone leaving the table Derek"he called his name as if he knew him so well. 

  I closed my eyes and opened them again looking at my sister who looked away from me. 
  The so-called Derek stood up facing them, 
  "Caleb who are these people to speak to me? "
 "And didn't you hear him scum bag? Wanna get beaten? "I heard him reply him. 

  "Caleb, that's you're my half brother doesn't give you the right to lord over me cuz we are of the same age! "
  "Half brother!! "Rang in my head. 

   "Hey! Mind your words "Micah stepped in "and what are you even doing here sitting beside her? "
  He smirked at Micah's question. 

  "I want to make her my girlfriend "
  "Derek!! "Caleb put out but I was angry hearing him say such words so cheaply to me. 

  "What did you just say now "I asked standing up.... 


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