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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Twenty-Four---------

     --------Alicia's Pov---------
         🌹Bunch of fools🌹   

  An annoying guy following me all about with my bag to school kept frustrating me and coming to school, 

  A crowd greeted my face and before I knew it, 
   My sister was the one getting beaten up with all the crowds gathered around her. 

  Her whole body seemed to be painted with cake flour, 
  I gasped looking around to see that it was the so-called five star angel who did this to my sister. 

  My anger was at the highest boiling point, 
  "What did you do to my sister? "I asked all of them including the one who was holding my bag. 

🗣Is he really talking back at them like that? 
🗣Oh my bad! 
🗣They should just slap her face and she's got to shut up her mouth for life! 

   "Well"Jade shrugged helping her to her feet dusting her body, 
   That's not what I wanted to know. 
  "I'm sorry little girl"he apologized to my little sister dusting her clothes the more but that's not what I wanted to know or hear. 

  "Who did this to her? "
  "I did"The so called Jade replied. 
  "I didn't know she was your sister "
  "And what she wasn't? "I snapped. 

  "I... "
  "Is this how you guys treat people here in school taking yourselves as lords of these school when you five are all jerks!! 

 I wish I can sh*t on your faces to tell you how disgusting your faces are! 
   Do you know how much I hate your attitude? "

I was speaking out of boundary but I didn't care, I wanted them to feel how angry they made me for touching my own sister. 

  "What do you think you all are? "
 "Let's go sis"Emma pulled at me but I wasn't moved by that, 
  "And you... "I pointed at Jade, 

  "You had the guts and the temerity to lay your filthy hands on my sister! You might think yourself handsome, rich and souring your ego to the sky but remember... "I looked straight into his eyes to see the shock I've created in them, 

  "... Always remember that you're nothing but a jerk! Remember it!! I wonder how many hearts you guys have messed with "I said out loudly while Emma kept tugging at me, 

   🗣Are they going to let her go like this? 
🗣she cast a spell on them! 
🗣How can she go scot-free after all she said? 

Murmurs... But it wasn't what I wanted to hear, 
  I turned to the one called Micah, 
  "And you... Hand me my bag and stop stalking me okay? "I grabbed my bag away from him. 

  They were startled, I know it and I saw that in their eyes. 
  "Don't ever stand in front of me each time you see me Mr. Micah... Your face is the worst thing I've ever seen... And they still call you guys five star angels... "I shook my head with a feeling of disgust. 

  "The only person handsome among you guys is your polished shoes and clothes... Nothing else, 
   Bunch of fools!!! "I snapped before walking away with my sister, 


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