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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄 I'll

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Twenty-Three---------

     --------Jade's Pov---------
       🌹Alicia's sister🌹  
  Listening to the music playing in the car didn't seem to soften my mood at all after Micah got down from the car to be with Alicia. 

  I wasn't okay with it and my heart seemed to beat more than faster, 
  I wish I could get down too and then follow or even look at them, 

 That way I will be better but now, I don't seem to get what's happening and I'm so restless seeing him maybe hitting on her. 

  "Jade"Jason touched my arm, 
I looked up to his face immediately smiling, 
  "Are you okay? You're becoming more gloomy these days. Are you sure you're fine? "

  He asked with concern and I nodded, 
  "I'm good! Just thinking "
  "About what? "Teddy poke nosed. 
  "Yes, a penny for your thoughts"Caleb who was on the wheel added. 

  I cleared my throat, 
  "I'm wondering if that girl is going to accept Micah despite his beauty "
  "He's going to get her, c'mon, I trust Micah"Jason replied me.  

  "He's never been with a girl before"I pressed further and that got them into deep thinking, 
   "What do you suggest we do now? "They directed their question at me. 

      This time, we were at the school parking lot, 
  "Well, we've got to give him all the help he can get from us"I said 
  "How if not by supporting him? "Teddy asked me as Caleb got down from the car. 

   "Yeah "I nodded, 
I don't want to go about the topic else they will suspect that I like her too. 
  "Yeah, supporting him is the best thing we can do to him as friends right guys? "Teddy asked looking from one person to another while we all nodded. 

 We strolled our way forward, 
🗣Oh my! 
🗣They are back in school again!! "
  Soon, a girl whom I think wasn't more than Jason's little sisters age stood infront of us with a cake looking so shy and embarrassed. 

    "A cake for.. "
I scoffed and Jason did same thing. 
  I stared at the thing standing, shaking and the cake almost fell off her hand too. 

  "A cake for what? "I asked and she looked up searching through our faces probably looking for whom to give the cake to. 

  "For.. M.. Micah.. "She mumbled looking down again trembling, 
  Jason laughed crossing his arm to Caleb's shoulder and they both laughed. 

  "This is what your mom and dad sent you to do in school? "Teddy asked while more student formed a circle around us, 
  I pushed her down to the floor while the cake she was carrying in her hand splashed all over her clothes and legs. 

   🗣Serves her right! 
🗣Oh no! That's so unfair of quiet Jade. 

  I squatted down to her sitting size and smirked, 
  "All messed up now? What do you want from Micah huh? You're not more than sixteen or are you? "I asked taunting her. 

  Tears showed on her face almost immediately, 
  "Leave the girl, she's already crying, she wanted a nice fuvk from Micah but unfortunately, he's not here"Jason said getting me up to my feet. 

  "Yeah! She want her tight pu$$y to be widened a bit but nope! "Caleb added and the whole place were filled with laughter. 

   "Here"Teddy squatted handing her his face towel to clean her body with, 
  She collected trembling with shaky which got me smirking. 

 In some way, she's pretty like someone I used to know but I couldn't pin point the face of the girl she looked like. 

  "Do you have a sister? "I asked her and she nodded frightenly, 
  "What's her name? "I asked again and she looked up to my face still trembling, 

  "Her name is Alicia"she replied and my hairs stood on my head, 
  "Alicia?? Which one? "I asked covering my already appearing surprise,

   Damn! Her face is a striking resemblance to Alicia's after all,  
   "Oh my gosh! Emma!!! What are you doing on the ground looking so messed up!! "


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