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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Twenty-Two---------

     --------Micah's Pov---------
          🌹Playing with my crush🌹  

We rode in my car making a lot of noise and shouting as we headed for school when I saw her by the roadside waiting for school bus I think. 

  "Shhhh!! Stop talking, look at her over there "I hushed them pointing at where she stood, 
  "Oh mehn! She looks so hot into those skirts she's wearing"Teddy admired. 
  I drove a little bit faster to meet her and then stopped winding down out car glass. 
   "Need a lift? "I asked looking at her but she didn't even spare me a glance or even look to know what am talking about. 

She began to move forward while I slowed the car a bit so it would move in pace with her. 
   "Jeez! Her hair, look at how it dangles at her back"Jason admired looking at her. 

   I smirked, 
 "Her back legs are killers! "Caleb added but Jade didn't speak. 
   "Hey! "I cooed waving at her to stop but she didn't even look at me. 
  "You know what Micah, "
  "What Caleb? "
  "You have to get down from this car and follow her while we drive this car to school "

  "Yes exactly! You're so smart Caleb"Jason concurred, 
  "I should get from the car? "I asked trying to be sure if we are all reasoning together. 

   I looked at Teddy, 
  "That's true, you're dealing with a stubborn girl here"he said to me patting my shoulder while I turned my gaze to quiet Jade. 

 He only shrugged and then smirked, 
  "Pretty cool"was he could say and I nudged his shoulder. 
  "Thanks "I got down from the car and Caleb took over the ride. 

   I followed her from behind,  
 My car sped past, 
  "See you in school"I heard Teddy shout out to me and I waved, 
  "Okay!! "

🗣Isn't this Micah walking? 
  🗣Oh my!! 
🗣His steps!! 
🗣his shoes!!

🗣First time I'm seeing him walk to school without his friends. 
🗣Oh my! 
🗣My heart is beating so fast as I look at him. 

🗣what is he doing? 
🗣Oh my gosh! He's standing with that shory fresher in our school! 
🗣Jeez! Isn't that the same girl who slapped his face? 

  I caught up with her smiling and looking at her pretty face but she didn't even spare me a glance, 
  "Uhmm.... "
   "Save your words please"she interrupted but I smirked. 

  "Your voice is super cool"
  She didn't reply, 
  "Never seen such a stubborn... "
 "What are you trying to say? "She stopped walking facing me squarely. 
   "Look Mr whatever is your name... "She began looking at me with all the hate in her eyes, 
  "Stop bugging me, did you hear me? Don't even try bugging me! "She warned walking off again but I pulled her back. 

  I smiled looking at her face, 
  "You are much more cuter when you're angry... "I admired and she scoffed trying to walk off again but I took her back pack away from her. 

  "Give it back! "She yelled but I shook my head putting my hand that bore the bag in the air where her hand won't be able to reach it. 
  "Give it back! "She yelled jumping on her feet to get it away from me but can't. 

   She was super angry but I kinda loved her face so much in that state, 
  🗣Micah is so funny! 
🗣Why make her jump like that? Like a frog! 
🗣Never knew Micah can be so pocky with short girls. 
🗣In her next life, she won't pray for a short height. 

     She sighed angrily and walked away but I followed her, 
  "Don't you need the bag again? Have it"I teased so she would keep up the play with me but she ignored me. 

   "Alicia... "She turned like an angry lion walking back to me but I was quick to ran off while she chased after me. 

  "Give me my back pack or you will have it to yourself! "She yelled as she stopped running, 
  I love this! Your crush chasing after you is the sweetest feeling ever! 


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