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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Twenty-One---------

     --------Alicia's Pov---------
      🌹Need a lift🌹 
📲we are in a global world. 
 I heard his laughter on the phone but I didn't find it funny so I hung up. 

   "Jerks!! "
  "Who was that? "She asked me and I sighed. 
  "Called himself Jade"
  "What!!! You mean one of the five star angel? "

  "He's not a five star angel but a jerk like me and you"
  She scoffed. 
  "Am not a jerk sis"
"Pssst! "

 I strolled out of the room after I was done changing into some casual clothes, 
   I climbed down the stairs to the dining room to see my mom already there serving food on table and was about to call us before I showed up. 

    "Hey mom, checked on you and... "She pecked my cheeks and showed me into one of the dining chairs, 
   "Yeah, I was in the kitchen and then to the bathroom to take a bath"

  "Okay "I nodded at what she said, 
  "Where's Emma? "
  "Oh, she's inside... There she comes"I pointed my hand to where she was coming towards us. 

   "Hey mom"
 "Hey sweet heart"she kissed her cheeks and she sat down on the chair . 
  "What did you do to your hair? "Mom asked Emma looking at her hair. 

 I turned to look too and her hair was a bit shorter than it used to be. 
    "Mmpphh!!! Emma!! What happened to your hair!!! "I screamed looking at her. 

  She shrugged, 
  "Well, I cut it a bit short, its too long! I... Had to cut it a bit short to show off my neck a bit"
  My mom banged the table angry, 
  "i told you not to cut your hair didn't I? "
  "But mom... "
  "Hush!! Why did you have to cut it so short! Look at it!! "
  "Mom its okay"I said trying to calm my mom's nerves down. 

  "Alicia... "
  "Its okay "I calmed her down and she sat glaring at Emma with angry look on her face. 
  Emma was angry too, I saw that in her face but I didn't mind. 

    "But its my hair mom! I have the rights to... "
  "Emma shut up! "
  "But am gonna turn sixteen soon! I have.... "
  "I said shut up! "I barked at her and she fumes aggressively at me. 

  She stood angrily and left the dining, 
  I sighed, 
  "Its okay mom, "
  "But why will she cut all that long hair? "
  "She's just being kiddie mom"
 She scoffed as she began to rub my back, 
  "Eat up my daughter"
 "Thanks mom"I smiled as I began to dig into my food. 

Next day, 

  "Alicia won't you eat before going to school? "Mom asked me as I walked past the dining table, 
  "Nope mom, am already late! "

  "Come here and have some chops okay? "She pleaded and I sighed going close to her. 

   Emma grumbled but kept quiet, 
  "Here "my mom fed me some chops and I munched on and on, 
  "Yummy"she fed me another, 
  "You've got to feed me too"Emma scowled filled with jealousy, 
  "Tch! Come here let me feed you too"

   "Mom I'm gone!! "I yelled leaving and then left the house for school. 

   A car pulled up infront of me as I was waiting for school bus. 
   The wind glasses pulled down and I scoffed at whom I saw, 
  "Hey! Need a lift? "One asked.. 

They're the five star angels... 


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