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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Twenty----------

     --------Alicia's Pov---------
     🌹Five star Angel🌹 

 "Mom am home!!! "I screamed as I came into the house and Emma immediately rushed to me. 

  "Gosh! You missed something!!" She held my hand dragging me into our room. 

  "What did I miss? "
  "The whole gist"
  "What gist? "I asked again, 

  She sat me down on her bed while she did same thing crossing her legs on the bed. 
   "Look, did you see the five star angels in our new school? "

  I smirked and scoffed at same time, 
  "Five star angel? Who the hell is the five star angel in our school? "
  "They are in your class!! My friends told me about them and how handsome and sexy they are! You need to see how they looked like! 

  I saw them! And they're in your class too!! "
  "In my class? "I asked pointing at myself really confused. 
  I don't remember seeing anyone who's a five star angel in my class. 

   "Oh my God! What do you know? One is called Jade, erm... Micah... Jason.... Caleb... And... Erm... Teddy!!... Yes!! But the prettiest of them all I think is Micah!! "

  My jaw dropped, 
  "I know them so much, they're... Those jerks are the five star angels? "

  "You know them? "She asked and I scoffed recalling how I slapped one called Micah and how the nonsensical one was my sit partner in the class. 

   I stood up and went to my wardrobe to change, what she's saying doesn't make sense at all, 
  "I know them and they don't look like angels to me"

  "Oh my gosh! You didn't see that pretty face of theirs did you! "
  I got pissed off. 
  "What! Pretty? So?? Wasn't Tk pretty? Didn't he behave like a jerk he is huh! "
  "But... Wait... Hold on... Did they try to hit on you? "

  No, they didn't try to hit on me but they tried to play with me again! "
  She gasped in surprise. 
 "Oh my God! They even spoke to you and... "
  "Stop being ridiculous about them Emma, they are just jerks, 

  I slapped one.... "
  "What! "
  "I didn't know, I was just so angry so I slapped him... "
  She cupped her mouth in surprise, 
  "You slapped one? Oh my gosh!! "

  I shrugged, 
  "He deserves it tho, he keep stalking and staring at me like a goat! Tch! They call him Micah... "
  "Oh my!! My crush!! You mean you slapped my crush"she flared up angrily.
  I gave a short laugh, 
  "Are you kidding me? Your crush at the first day of school? 

 Better be care full with these guys around, you know am still healing from what Tk did to me, so enter be careful with all these fake love around "

  "But that's the reason you have to slap him"
  "I'm even going to hit Jade if he tries dirty with me"
  "Jade too? You're so lucky sis!! They're speaking to you!!! Everyone is praying for them to show those crazy dimples of theirs!!.... Can't wait to tell my friends that my sister is being a tough girl for the five star angel... "

  "Stop calling them angels please, do they look like angels to you.... "
 Buzz... Buzz... Buzz... 

 My phone vibrated and began to ring with an unknown number written on the screen of my phone when I checked. 

  I picked up, 

📲Hi, its me Jade, 
📲How did you get my number? 


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