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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Eighteen----------
 --------Micah's Pov---------


 No one have insulted me just like she did just now, 
  No one except my sister. 

   So there are many people who are like my sister who are always grumpy and hits at will. 

  But why does she hate me so much? This is her first time in school and she called my face annoying! 

  This whole face of mine, and she said that its annoying that she doesn't want to ever see it again. 

   Teddy patted my shoulder, 
  "Easy goes it, seems this one is playing hard to get, 

Don't worry, you will pin her down with time"he consoled but I wasn't really bothered about what he's saying. 

What bothers me were those hatred in her eyes as she spoke to me, 
   She didn't even act as if she's seeing the most handsome guy ever, she didn't even act as if I was talking to her. 

 All I heard was GET LOST! Gosh! Will I ever walk with my heads high when coming to school? 

  I don't think I will be able to, no! I don't think I can. 

Two hours later, 

   "Micah is so moody today, looks like what that girl said really got to him" Caleb said reading my countenance as the car drove softly heading for home. 

  "And Jade too "Teddy added and I turned to see that Jade was moody, 
  "That girl really did something to them,what did she do? "Jason asked and teddy did the whole explanation. 

   Caleb helped out and I scoffed, 
  "Nah, that girl is something else, how can she be so rude to us? "Jason felt offended. 

  "The girl doesn't want to be spoken to at all, today, Micah is going home with a rejected blarrr! And a slap on his cheek"Teddy added and Caleb gave a short laugh. 

  "She's going to change, maybe her mom or boyfriend got her so angry today"Jason said
  At the mention of boyfriend, my lips tore open, 

  "Boyfriend?? Hey! Don't say that, she doesn't have a boyfriend "I scowled and they began to laugh. 

  "He's really in love! "They laughed harder and I scoffed, 
  "This is not funny at all"I frowned but they didn't stop laughing, 
  "Do you think she doesn't have a boyfriend? "Teddy asked patting my back smiling

  "What if she does? We can still get her with or without "Jason said and Caleb concurred, 
  "Exactly "
  "How? "Jade spoke out for the first time getting interested. 

  "Its simple! Our handsome face"
  I and Jade scoffed. 
   "She doesn't care about faces cuz she didn't even bother before telling me to GET LOST! "I said with a painful voice. 

  "And she never looked at me which is behind her, she really doesn't care about our looks"Jade added and all of us turned to look at him. 

 "What's it? "He asked and I asked, 
  "You like her too? "I want to be sure cuz I don't want to a love triangle in this not with my friends involved. 

  I treasure them so much to lose them, 
  He shook his head, 
  "I don't! I really don't! "
  "I thought so"Caleb said eyeing him and he smiled. 

   "Okay what do we do now? "Jason asked and Teddy replied ;
  "Money! Let's spray her some money! "
  "Its too early for money issues"

  Caleb scoffed at what I said, 
  "Every girls problems is solved by money! Okay Micah unless you don't want to date her... You don't want to date her? "

   "I want to but.... "
  "Money can do all the job for us Micah, no need to worry "Teddy put and the rest concurred but I wasn't sure about this idea.... 


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