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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Seventeen----------

     --------Alicia's Pov---------

         🌹 Get lost 🌹 

   Cafeteria was boring! 

Everything!! I had to find my wau back to the class when some group of girls followed me from behind taunting me. 

🗣Who do you think you're to slap our handsome god? 

🗣Do you have a boyfriend that handsome? 

🗣If only she can get a boyfriend with this her stunted height unless she's gonna date a short guy like herself. 

 Huge laughter at the joke and I clenched my fist. 
   That word hurt like hell. 

🗣Look at how she walks, 

🗣she doesn't have to stump the ground too much else she won't be noticed. 

🗣And she has the guts to slap Micah!! 

  Micah?... So the guy I slapped is Micah? 

  Tch! He sought for my trouble and I gave it to him the way he wanted it so?? 

🗣Tch! I just don't like her sitting around Jade. How confident she looked talking back at him the way she wanted. 

  Jade?? So the one am sitting with is called Jade? Hmmmm.... 

🗣Who does she think she is to be so rash? 

🗣She acts so rich, tch! And am sure where the five can stand, her five generation won't be able to stand there. 

   I rolled my eyes, 

Why can't they leave my back and stop buzzing? I was loosing my temper. I has the urge to yell back at them. 

  This is a new school and I didn't change into this school to be marched upon just like in my old school. 

  Dating TK taught me a lot of things and not taking nonsense from anyone is one thing I learnt. 

   I kept my cool wishing that I should be in the class already when a guy stood infront of me smiling. 

  Looking at him very carefully, I recognized him to be the guy I slapped earlier. 

  He was smiling and waving at me, 
  I scoffed and walked past to the class and I heard murmurs again following me all about. 

   He still followed me to my desk and stood infront of me, 
  I ignored him and he cleared his throat, 
   "You're beautiful "he admired and I looked up to his face. 

   Same thing Tk said to me, I imagined him to be Tk sitting there and telling me that *I'm beautiful *, 

  Just like the way he did most times before we broke up, 
  I smirked and ignored him, 
  "Can't you say thanks or... "
  "Get lost! "I yelled seeming him to be Tk speaking to me. 

  He was shocked but I didn't mind or care a bit, every guy is a beast and if you give them a chance, they will kill you without you knowing that you're dead. 

   It have happened to me once and I don't want that to repeat itself, 
  "Are... "He stammered and I interrupted at the same time, 

  "I said get lost! Don't show your annoying face to me again! I don't want to see your face at all! "I yelled and I saw the shock on his face. 


🗣What's wrong with this one? 

🗣Hit her face and her eyes will come back to normal and she will see the beauty standing infront of her. 

  🗣What an embarrassment! 

🗣That's why I hate short people. 

     He left wobbly and I heaved, few minutes later, 
  The one called Jade sat down on his position, 

  "Hey! That was harsh"
 "Face your front! "I snapped at him rolling my eyes at him... 


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