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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Sixteen----------

     --------Micah's Pov---------

         🌹 Go get her🌹 

       I was dazed. 

 First time a girl hits my face apart from my sister. 
  "Oh my God! That girl hit your face! "Caleb gasped holding me out of the class when the noise became too much. 

  "Jeez! I was the one she wanted to give that slap but I dodged it by all means"Teddy blurted tucking his hands into his pockets. 

  "The girl is so rash but beautiful! Never seen a little girl so beautiful like she is"Jason added shaking his head.

  I was more than surprised, I didn't even want to talk to her, I just wanted to say hello or something like hey and all that greeted me was this? 

 "Calm down man, I wish we can hit back but we can't"
  I nodded, 
  We really can't cuz she's a girl and probably a beautiful type. 

 So hitting her will be of no use and perhaps, I think am liking her already so hitting her will make everything worse for me. 

   "But no girl ever acted the way she did, not in this school at all"Teddy pressed further after several minutes of silence. 

  "Phew! You could've seen the way she kept looking at me as if I was stinking! I wonder if she looked at my handsome face at all! 

 She was all grumpy at me, I wondered why these charming face of mine didn't get at her at all, "Jade said scoffing and I smiled. 

  I looked up at them smiling, 
  "Caleb"I called standing up from where I sat, 
   "Jason"I called, 
  "What? "He replied as their eyes came to me, 

  "I think I've found my type "I said and they gasped, 
  "What? "They chorused shouting and I smirked. 

  "Yes, she's exactly the type of girls am talking about"
  "You mean you wanna get her as your girlfriend and later, you gonna get laid and stop being a fuvking stinking vi*gin? "Teddy asked me and I scoffed. 

  "I hate all these s3x languages of yours Teddy, they're so disgusting"I gritted and he winked, 
  "Sorry, okay, but you're gonna fuvk her right? "

  "I don't know! I just said that she's my type, that's all! "
  Caleb nudged my shoulder while Jade smiled. 
  "Micah, "Jade called. 

  "You know I think I like her too"he added and I frowned. 
  "Hey Jade don't start okay, hope you're joking? "I asked and the three of us gave him a serious look, 

 He began to laugh, 
  "Of course am joking "we all nodded laughing together and I heaved, 
  "Well, "I touched the spot where she slapped me, 

  "The feeling is so sweet"I uttered and we all laughed together, 
   Jason rolled his eyes as few girls walked past him waving at him seductively. 

  "Guys, I think I've got some business to take care of now"Jason said smacking his lips and following those girls from behind. 

  "You and bi*ches! You gotta get yourself an STD someday! "Caleb yelled after him and we all laughed. 
  "No, clearly he's gonna get his divk chewed off cuz he loves blow jobs a whole lot! "Teddy added and we laughed harder. 

 And then I saw the girl coming back from the cafeteria with some groups of girls behind her, 

 Taunting her but she didn't mind, her head was bent but I didn't stop looking at her until our eyes met and my heart skipped, 

   "Whoa! Look at her "Caleb pointed and then pushed me forward,
  "Go get her"he said winking and Teddy seconded it while Jade gave a smirk. 

  I gulped walking my way towards her.... 


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