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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Fifteen----------

     --------Alicia's Pov---------

         🌹 🌹

  They can be saucy and nasty towards me, I won't care! At least I've changed my school. 

 I've changed an environment too, that hazy and stupid environment which I once lived, an environment which shattered my heart. 

 I'm so happy I've changed the environment at last. 
 I'm fine now! 

   "Hey! "A guy waved at me and I nodded without smiling. 
 He was the guy am sitting next to on the desk. 

   "My name is Jade"he introduced and I nodded still without words. 

  I don't want to mix with guys ever again. 
   I really don't want to! Not after what happened to me earlier. 

   "You must be a cool type"he added but I still didn't talk to him. 
I sighed bringing out my book to read and he shifted closer to me, 
  I frowned looking up at his face for the first time. 

  "Can you please shift a bit away from me? "I asked nicely and he smirked. 
  "Such a voice! "He said smiling at me and then shifted. 

  I scoffed. 
  "What are you reading? "He asked again after five minutes. 

 I ignored flipping my page to the next as I continued reading, 
    "Hey, you must be a serious student, where did you transfer from? "

  I ignored still, 
  I won't talk to guys like him at all, I should be serious and not listening to some petty guys. 

   "I'm talking to you beautiful little princess "
   *Beautiful little princess * echoed in my ears and I looked at him angrily, 

 I don't want to hear those words from anyone, I really don't want to. 
  He smiled at me before he winked tossing his pen to and fro. 

   "Can you please stop talking? "I asked nicely and he nodded making a sign of a zip on his mouth with his fingers. 

  "Anything for you pretty"
  I scoffed still as I continued reading and not long, a teacher came to the class, 
  He taught for close to an hour before he left and not long again, the bell rang for break. 


 🗣Lunch time! 

  I packed up my books into my bag and stop up to go when the guy held my hand, 

  "Want me to show you around the school? I mean the cafeteria? "
I shook off his hands first before looking at him from head to toe as if he's a monster! 

 A monster like Tk. 
  🗣This new comer got some nerves to talk to our Handsome king any how she wants. 

🗣her short height is so wrong with her, 

   I heard laughters around me, 
  "Thanks but I don't need your help"
   I climbed out of our desk and another guy stood in front of me. 

  "Hey"he cooed waving his hand at me, 
  I brushed past him heading away, 

I was more than angry now, how can they pester me? Why are guys like this? 

   I felt a hand touching mine and I lost my temper, 
  I turned and landed a huge slap on whoever that was holding my hand. 

A loud scream escaped everyone's lips, 
🗣Oh my God! 

🗣She slapped Micah!! 

🗣Oh my!! 

   "Learn not to touch me in this school"I warned turning my back on all of them.... 


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